Melanie Martinez

With her boundless imagination and astonishing creativity, Melanie Martinez is undoubtedly one of the most unusual artists on the pop music scene. This autumn, the young American will be sharing her eccentric universe and defending her third album on stage as part of her PORTALS Tour. Her forthcoming European tour will be stopping off in Belgium to the delight of her countless fans. Don’t miss Melanie Martinez on Sunday 19 November at Forest National!

Since her debut, Melanie Martinez has been constantly pushing back the boundaries with her innovative music and bold visuals, offering new experiences that her fans love. Her first two albums (‘Cry Baby’ in 2015 and ‘K-12’ in 2019) chronicle the adventures from childhood to adolescence of Cry Baby, her alter ego. With lyrics rich in metaphor and partly inspired by her personal experiences, Melanie Martinez’s songs deal with the difficulty of finding one’s place. For the album release of ‘K-12’, she takes the concept a step further and uses her songs as the soundtrack to a spellbinding musical film, which she writes, directs and performs herself. After a 4-year absence, the album ‘PORTALS’ reveals the rest of Cry Baby’s story, starting with her death and then her rebirth. The album caused an instant sensation around the world, reaching number two in the US charts, while the singles “VOID” and “DEATH” were the pop star’s first entries in the Billboard Hot 100. On the live front, Melanie Martinez is also proving herself to be a remarkable and unmissable artist, as can be seen from her current shows to packed houses across North America. Performing exclusively in the guise of her supernatural alter ego, she offers us a veritable plunge into a phantasmagorical world. An experience to be enjoyed without moderation on 19 November at Forest National.

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19 Nov 2023


19h00 - 23h00



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