Accept is a German heavy metal band that became very successful in the 1980s. It is often considered the second most important figure in the movement after Scorpions.
Known to have played an important role in the rise of speed metal, Accept’s songs are marked by numerous references to classical music and by committed lyrics related to social issues and human rights.

They promise to bring out the best in themselves. They will be performing all their greatest hits and new songs from the album “Too Mean To Die Tour”.

Wolf Hoffmann: “We are too mean to die! Weeds do not die! ACCEPT won’t let it get them down!”

Philip Shouse: “The best thing that will happen for us is to go to the airport, get on a plane, fly to you and play a big, fantastic gig”.

ACCEPT is taking none other than Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons on a European tour! With Motörhead, he has been burning up venues all over the world. “He represents pure Rock N Roll, because even without Lemmy (R.I.P.) Phil has the controls set to 12 or 13! ”

Speed/thrash wrecking ball veterans Flotsam & Jetsam will complete the bill.

+ Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons

+ Flotsam & Jetsam

The event is finished.


15 Jan 2023


19h00 - 23h00


47.00 €

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La Madeleine
14 Duquesnoystraat, 1000 Brussels
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Gracia Live
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