DIE ANTWOORD announce return with REANIMATED tour on April 4 at La Madeleine Brussels

DIE ANTWOORD announces today their European return with a brand new tour ‘REANIMATED’. On Thursday, April 4, the South African rave-rap duo will stop at La Madeleine, Brussels for a hearty party. Tickets for the concert are on sale immediately at www.greenhousetalent.com

After touring non-stop, DIE ANTWOORD took a break in 2019 to do what they love most: make music and art. After five years of silence, the duo announced their return with a trailer for their documentary called « ZEF The Story of Die Antwoord » and a brand new tour, christened appropriately: REANIMATED. The duo also spent the past three years working hard in the studio on their sixth album, « From Heaven Fallen, » which will see the light of day later in 2024.

DIE ANTWOORD initially operated in Cape Town’s underground scene, but managed to make the bridge to the general public in 2010 with the highly successful single ‘Enter the Ninja’. The debut album ‘$O$’ was also a big hit, and sold-out concert tours, hundreds of thousands of streams, and hordes of enthusiastic fans soon followed. Follow-up albums « Ten$ion » (with singles « I Fink U Freeky » and « Baby’s On Fire ») and « Dark Mag » (with singles « Ugly Boy » and « Cookie Thumper! ») extended the momentum, and band members Ninja and Yolandi Visser were even asked to co-star in Neill Blomkamp’s film « Chappie. In 2016, they released their most internationally tasted record, ‘Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid,’ which even managed to reach the U.S. top-40.

What truly sets DIE ANTWOORD apart is not only their music, but also their visual and conceptual genius. An artistic journey propelled by their unparalleled originality and fearless approach to music and visual art. Their videos and live performances are an explosion of inventive cinematography and provocative artistic expression that leaves a lasting impression on audiences.

Today, DIE ANTWOORD is all set to conquer audiences live again with their wild rave that is somewhere between visual spectacle and horror film. On April 4, they will show what they are worth at La Madeleine in Brussels. Fans of the better fusion between art and kitsch know where to go!

The event is finished.


05 Apr 2024


20h00 - 23h00



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La Madeleine
14 Duquesnoystraat, 1000 Brussels
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