Based in London, Hannah Diamond is a British singer and visual artist affiliated with the PC Music label, a major player in the rise of hyperpop. Her second album, Perfect Picture, illustrates her rise to the head of an infectious new genre. Since 2013, the singer has been crafting a sparkling universe of pop and electro sounds encompassed by an aesthetic halfway between kawaii and avant-garde.

It is this universe, somewhere between music and photography, that serves as a backdrop for Hannah Diamond’s questioning of notions of femininity, which she overplays with autotuned childish voices and photoshopped images. Although she doesn’t yet have a major hit to her name, Hannah Diamond has established herself as one of the most influential artists of her generation.


Revealed two years ago with her cover of “jtm de ouf”, ELOI has established herself as one of the rising figures on the alternative scene, releasing two EPs – Acedia (2020) and Pyrale (2021) – that have established her innovative production style and incandescent pen.

Having braved the flames with her gabber kicks, she’s now putting her guitars to the test with Dernier Orage – a debut album that forcefully recalls her teenage storms and looks beyond the greyness. Exploring her foggy memory, ELOI stirs up euphoric and painful memories, and goes back and forth in time to close the scars of the past.


Tohji has become one of the most emblematic figures of his generation with an uninhibited musical combination of strength and delicacy. Evoking the reality of Tokyo’s suburbs and appealing to a generation for whom the aesthetics of consumerism have promised everything, Tohji has become in 2018, with his duo Mall Boyz, the revival of Japanese youth.

His first solo album, Angel, released in 2019, makes him a revolutionary rebel, trying to shake up the codes of trap music by making it even more supercharged. A huge success in his homeland, the Tohji phenomenon continues to grow and is exported internationally. Having made a name for himself in London, performing alongside the likes of Gaika, Evian Christ and Kamixlo, the Japanese musician is continuing his sonic explorations, teaming up with artists such as yeule, Mura Masa and Malibu.

His latest project, ‘T-Mix’, released in 2022, is full of nostalgia and openly experimental: glitchy sounds mixed with 90s eurodance and j-pop, against a backdrop of trap and hyperpop. A great showman, Tohji does his music justice on stage, with his unique, elusive and spirited performances.


With his angelic voice, boundless energy and big arms, Londoner Babymorocco’s music is hybrid, experimental and pop. Drawing on electro clash, gabber, hyperpop and EDM, Babymorocco’s universe has made him a mysterious cult figure on social networks.

After his first EP, entitled “The Sound”, released in 2023, which put him on numerous playlists on streaming platforms, Babymorocco opened for the group Jockstrap on their UK tour. Getting audiences up and dancing with his devastating BPMs and stimulating music, the Londoner promises an electric, sweaty atmosphere and a breathtaking show, where it’s impossible to sit still.


zonmai is a 22-year-old French artist from the Basque coast. In 2020, the Bayonne native packed her bags and landed in Brussels, claiming she wanted to go to art school. Once this was approved, she launched her real adventure, succeeding in music as close as possible to the artists who inspire her. Brussels seemed the ideal place to nurture her creative desires. After her first project, ‘SunCash feelings’, zonmai travelled between Brussels and Paris to prepare for what was to come. She has been active on SoundCloud for a few years now, and is increasingly attracting attention. This led to her first signing with the independent label Bleu Music. With her unique phrasing and melodies, the artist is part of the momentum of a generation with uninhibited influences. His playlist ranges from pop to plug to variety.

zonmai doesn’t shy away from anything, and always unfurls his imagination at all costs. His music is not only the fruit of his love for rap and its derivatives, but also of a singular imagination, falsely naive and sometimes bloody. After experimenting with music from her bedroom, she lets beatmakers and musicians into her bubble, creating new colours and textures. Her style seems to have come straight from a prime time slot on MTV or MCM in the mid-2000s.

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27 Apr 2024


16h30 - 23h00



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236 Koningsstraat 1210 Brussels


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