John Coffey

John Coffey was formed in 2002 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Begin 2012 John Coffey tore down a small pub somewhere in Groningen during the Eurosonic Festival. 30 minutes of sheer guitar loudness left the audience in awe with ringing ears and renewed punkrock hope. It got them a record deal on German based Redfield Records. Distribution in the Benelux will be done by Suburban Records and bookings are done by Rock ‘n Roll Highschool in the Netherlands and Sparta Bookings in Europe. Recap After a year of hard work, rehearsal space fights, torn cymbals and moulted amps John Coffey travelled up north to Sweden in November 2011 to cooperate with producer Pelle Gunnerfeldt (The Hives, Refused) and Jag Jago (ex-guitar player The Ghost Of a Thousand). Surrounded by Grammy Awards, they recorded their album in the legendary Gröndahl Studio. Being flat broke, John Coffey was massively supported by their fans who, through Sellaband, donated their money like it was going out of fashion. All to get the band to Sweden. The Result is ‘Bright Companions’. A raw punk/rock n’ roll record written during an intense year the band had while making it. A year in which part of the band travelled to Asia to work on the record on desolate roads, in a hospital and in a Phnom Penh slum, while the other half laboured endlessly in dark Utrecht rehearsal spaces. A conversation between five friends about fear of change, vultures, Romans and The Bomb. Musically a mixture of punkrock, screamo, metal and modern hardcore. Presented with a big shot of rock n’ roll bravery. In October 2009 John Coffey released its debut album VANITY on Sally Forth Records while touring with bands like Underoath, Cancer Bats, Architects, The Chariot and Ghost Of A Thousand. Besides Holland, the band toured through Great-Brittan, Germany, Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic. On march 3rd 2023 the band announced their come-back. They dropped a new single and announced a upcoming album and a mini-tour with free entry shows in four clubs around the Netherlands.

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11 Oct 2024


19h30 - 22h30



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Noordersingel 28-30, Borgerhout
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