Lolo Zouaï

Young French-American born in Paris of a French mother and an Algerian father and gravitating between San Francisco and New York, the social network icon Lolo Zouaï delivers melancholic r&b in both English and French. She collaborates with both Myth Syzer and Blood Orange. Her first album “High Highs to Low Lows” was already playing on all platforms and quickly became her anthem, the one that best conveys her emotional instability, the one that the general public has appropriated. Indeed, we were immediately touched by the strange relationship that the singer was able to develop by uniting new pop with the language of Molière.

Zouaï’s second album, “PLAYGIRL”, is a bold attempt to lighten her sound, with a cybernetic narrative. Whereas on ‘High Highs to Low Lows’ she seemed to be content with brief, controlled passions, on ‘PLAYGIRL’ she openly flirts with abandon and sloppiness. The singer thus manages to reclaim a more assertive and free narrative of her life. Zouaï’s delicate, airy voice often appears in layers of harmony and vocal processors, reverberating in a digital playground that swirls with crackling synths and drum machines. With Phili’s production adding an overloaded and disorienting state of unreality, Zouaï elevates the stale trap-pop sound of her debut into glitchy hyperpop. Come and discover her with her new album live at La Rotonde? Come on folks!

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19 Mar 2023


19h00 - 23h00


21.00 €

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236 Koningsstraat 1210 Brussels


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