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Embark on a soul-stirring voyage with Oriana Ikomo as she unveils “THE HEALING,” an EP that encapsulates the profound metamorphosis she has undergone in recent years. This musical journey is an ode to personal empowerment, and Oriana’s resilience echoes through each note and lyric.

Based in Brussels, Oriana Ikomo is a versatile and multidisciplinary artist. Oriana’s music is a unique fusion of soft yet powerful melodies, an ambient jazzy color palette and minimalist R&B beats. Her vocals, characterized by a mysterious tranquility and formidable strength, deliver poignant lyrics exploring the diverse facets of love.

Oriana’s sonic palette is a rich tapestry of genres, seamlessly weaving together R&B, Gospel, Ambient, Jazz, Electronic, and Pop influences. Her sound throughout her new EP “THE HEALING” is affirmed and robust, reflecting the strength she has discovered within herself. In each track, Oriana showcases her exceptional versatility as an artist. Her distinctive sonic tapestry and compelling visual identity position her as one of the most promising talents in the vibrant Belgian music landscape.


Experiencing love is a feeling many of us can relate to. It will always happen when you least expect it. The inevitable heartbreak that follows has been the subject for as many songs as you can think of. That moment always goes together with a long period of deep reflection for most people. For MAVEE all of the above are correct and out of that period her new project arose. “Out of time” is an EP that consists of 8 songs that really embody her looking back on an eventful period in her life, with the ups and downs.

MAVEE worked together with her good friend Dejan “Dejavu” for all the tracks. As she’s a developing artist, this project is a way to venture into different styles of music. MAVEE would never put a specific genre on her music, she does as she feels and the vibe of the day will decide what song she makes. The common denominator is that MAVEE talks about the different stages of a relationship and the breakup that followed.

The title “Out of time” says it all. After countless times of trying to make the relationship work, the boy has run out of time. During the “Intro” and “Selfless” for example you can hear the clock ticking together with her airy vocals, which looks like a distant memory of what was. In various tracks she is reminiscing about what could have been, whereas other tracks really show her as the confident woman she has become after the breakup. This duality is at the center of the project.

The whole project was directed by MAVEE herself. She writes the songs and melodies and is always present in the production process. She also wants to be included in all stages of the creative process. For the artwork she had a clear vision in mind. Together with the team the cover is a perfect resemblance of the music. Now she enters a new stage in the creative process, making a live show that blows people away. Not only is she the choreographer for all the dances, but she also makes all the arrangements together with her band.

The event is finished.


15 May 2024


19h00 - 23h00



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236 Koningsstraat 1210 Brussels


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