10 bands you can’t miss at Nos Alive 2023

If Belgium has Rock Werchter, Portugal has Nos Alive! Bringing a massive line-up year after year, they succeed once again with their 2023 edition. From headliners like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Arctic Monkeys to promising acts like King Princess and Rina Sawayama, there are tons of bands to see. We made you here a list of 10 shows we encourage you to see!


Idles is a post-punk band hailing from Bristol, UK, known for their energetic live performances that eave audiences exhilarated and empowered. Their lyrics touch on themes of masculinity, mental health, and social justice, delivered with raw intensity and a sense of catharsis. Seeing Idles live is an unforgettable experience that is sure to leave you feeling inspired and energized.


The line-up of Nos Alive brings a lot of rock band, pop, rap, r’n’b but also some great DJ sets including Kelly Lee Owens. Her live sets are a mesmerizing blend of ambient techno, ethereal pop, and experimental beats that push the boundaries of electronic music. With her precise mixing, inventive sampling, and hypnotic melodies, Owens creates an immersive sonic experience that is both ethereal and visceral. Seeing Kelly Lee Owens live is an opportunity to witness a true innovator in the electronic music scene, and to be swept away by the power of her music.


You may not know her yet as, except 2 short runs in Europe in 2018 and 2019, she never properly tour in Europe and the Nos Alive will be her debut live in Portugal. Announced as opener for the Red Hot Chili Peppers on several shows of their European Tour this Summer, this young pop artist will be able to make her music known all over the continent. In the US, she’s already massively toured and even play at Lollapalooza and Coachella. We can’t wait to discover her live finally in July and so you should do too!


We spoke earlier about Kelly Lee Owens. Well, here’s another DJ Set you should have a look during your weekend at Nos Alive! DJ and producer known for his infectious disco-infused house music that gets people moving on the dance floor. His live sets are a journey through dance music history, with funky basslines, soulful vocals, and classic disco samples that pay homage to the genre’s roots while bringing a modern twist. Krystal Klear‘s infectious energy and expert mixing skills make for an electrifying live experience that is guaranteed to keep you dancing all night long.


Men I Trust is a Canadian indie-pop band that offers a laid-back, dreamy sound that is perfect for a chill night out. Their live shows are a mellow and intimate affair, with ethereal vocals, smooth grooves, and jazzy guitar riffs that create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Men I Trust‘s music is a blend of indie pop, electronic, and funk that is at once nostalgic and contemporary, and their live performances are a must-see for anyone who loves dreamy, introspective music.


Puscifer, the experimental rock band formed by Tool‘s frontman Maynard James Keenan, is a must-see live act for fans of avant-garde music. Their shows are a spectacle of visual and auditory artistry, featuring elaborate stage setups, multimedia projections, and surreal costumes that complement the band’s eclectic sound. With their unique blend of rock, electronica, and otherworldly vibes, Puscifer offers an unforgettable live experience that defies easy categorization.


Do they really need an introduction? Absolutely not. But they are still in this list for one reason we can spell in 2 words: John Frusciante. Since December 15th 2019, the legendary guitarist is back in the band so is the live energy between all the members. Josh was a great guitarist but during his 10 years in the band, something was missing. Now, the band from California are back, have released 2 great albums last year and as they don’t tour so often in Portugal, you can’t miss them!


Rina Sawayama is a rising star in the pop music scene, known for her dynamic vocals, catchy hooks, and genre-bending sound that blends elements of pop, rock, and R&B. Her live performances are a feast for the senses, featuring elaborate sets, dazzling costumes, and choreographed dance routines that showcase her boundless energy and charisma. Seeing her live is a must for anyone who loves innovative pop music and electrifying stage shows.


They are a British rock band that delivers high-octane live shows fueled by raw energy and guitar-driven hooks. Their anthemic songs and dynamic stage presence make for an electrifying concert experience that will leave you buzzing with adrenaline. With their classic rock influences and modern sensibilities, The Amazons offer a sound that is both familiar and fresh, and their live performances are a testament to their undeniable talent and passion for music. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a newcomer, seeing them live is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Obviously, this list is a bit based on our own preferences. You may have a different list and we’d love to know which bands are on it! Let us know on our social networks your top 10 for the Nos Alive 2023!

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