Lollapalooza Paris 2022 : the 10 bands to not miss

Festivals are finally back after 2 years break! Rock Werchter, Graspop, Jera On Air, Ieperfest and also the French Lollapalooza in Paris. With Pearl Jam, Imagine Dragons, David Guetta and Asap Rocky as headliners, they make a strong line-up this year. So many bands to see on the 2 days and 5 stages: we made a list of 10 bands you can’t miss!


Except if you’re really a fan, it’s not the act you go easely see. Added to the fact it’s really rare to see him live, especially in festivals. It’s already 2 good reasons to not miss him! So many cult songs. Gonna be a huge party for sure! He’s ending the first day without any other acts playing at the same time. What else do you need?! Go!

Songs to listen to: Titanium, Love Tonight, Memories, Bed.


One of the heaviest band on the line-up. Maybe the heaviest. If you’re looking for a strong act during the weekend, the Alternative Stage on Friday at 7.30pm is the spot you need to be. Jason and his friends from Fever 333 always provide a mega powerful show. We will never forget their show at Jera On Air 2019 and we can’t wait to see them again in July in Paris. Don’t miss it!


Nominated for 3 Grammys: even if they didn’t win any of them, it proves you the talent and the growing success of the rock band from Massachusetts. They are the perfect band to put you in the good mood to see Pearl Jam later that day on the same stage. And don’t be surprised if you think the drummer and bassist look a lot the same: they are twins!

Songs to listen to: Lydia, My Name Is Human, 16, Little One.


In general, we don’t put headliners in this kind of list. But it’s the first Summer Imagine Dragons headline major festivals in Europe like Lolla Paris and Rock Werchter. In 2017, they indeed closed the Main Stage 2 but the main headliner of the day was The Weeknd. This time, they are at the top of the list. And we can wait to see if they really worth it! Spoiler alert: we are sure they do.

Songs to listen to: Believer, Enemy, Radioactive, Thunder.


The hype around the Winner of Eurovision 2020 is still very high. Their 2 soldout shows at Vorst National in a few months prove it! They are known to provide powerful shows on stage. They have their big hits that everybody knows but what about a full set of 1h during a festival?! We are really curious to see what they’re made of! Spoiler alert: we’ll already have the answer 2 weeks before Lollapalooza Paris as we’re going to see them at Rock Werchter too!

Songs to listen to: Begging, I Wanna Be Your Slave, Supermodel, Zitti E Bueno.


This cult band celebrate their 30th Birthday in 2022 and seems they still have the same energy on stage! Isaac Brock is the only former member still there with the drummer Jeremiah. Enough to still have the Modest Mouse spirit. You gonna have your dose of indie-pop with them and listening to the legendary Float On live gonna be epic!

Songs to listen: Float On, Dashboard, Lampshades On Fire, Missed The Boat.


We discover him when we look closer at the schedule, give him a listen on Spotify and after only one listening, he was on our buckletlist for this Summer. We won’t miss him at both Rock Werchter and Lollapalooza Paris. You should do the same. If you haven’t listented to him yet, check it out and don’t miss him opening the festival on the Main East on Saturday 16 July!

Songs to listen to: Baby Girl…


Destiny Nicole Frasquery aka Princess Nokia is a strange artist that is difficult to classify. Rap artist? Not only. Rn’b artist? Not really. She’s floating around rap, pop and even house. As musical influences, she speaks about rap bands… but also nu-metal artists like SlipKnot or KoRn! Are we going to fell all these different influences live? That’s what we’re curious to discover in July on the Lolla Paris field!

Songs to listen: Diva, No Effort, Nokia, It’s Not My Fault.


Need your dose of Brit-pop? Well, they do rock, are British but are not really in the vein of Oasis or Blur. But they’re rock’n’roll for sure! They have opened for some of the biggest rock bands in the world: Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, The Who or Guns N Roses but they still learning to become bigger. Give them a chance on Saturday afternoon on the Alternative Stage (right before Fever 333)!

Songs to listen to: Could Have Been Me, Body Talks, Kiss This, Body Talks.


From a very promising punk hardcore band a few years ago to a huge band playing all the biggest festivals. Between 2019 and 2022, the pandemic is not the only thing that happen. Something also happen with Turnstile. Since they release their 3rd full-length album “Glow On” last Summer, they are everywhere. In Belgium, they soldout the Muziekodroom (1000 tickets) in a few minutes and are booked at Rock Werchter. In the rest of the world, they are at Glastonbury, Coachella and so at Lollapalooza Paris. Who knows what’s their limit?!

Songs to listen to: Holiday, Mistery, Blackout, Generator.

Of course, this list is based on our music tastes and what we’re looking forward to see the most. Obviously, we really think you shouldn’t miss these 10 bands if you’re going to attend Lollapalooza Paris but it’s not an exact science. We would love to know which bands you should we can’t miss: tell us what on our social networks!

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