Interview with Blondy Brownie, poetry and glamour

Belgian duo composed of Aurélie Muller and Catherine de Biasio, the band offers us a second electronic album called “Club Cha-Cha-Cha”. Sober and elegant, we meet them to know a little more about them

Photo by @LeCopinage 2022

Congratulations for this release Blondy Brownie ! You organized a small release party at Caroline Music, tell us more about this event.

It was great, we were able to share our vinyls, our merch all accompanied by cava and juice ! It was also an opportunity to share our album with our fans and to discover it all together.

All accompanied by a fanzine !

Yes, we decided to make a fanzine to present all what we did around our album and at Caroline’s it was the opportunity to present it to the listeners and also to the strangers passing by! Especially on Valentine’s day, we think it’s a nice gift to offer new music.

A real vintage, 80’s side comes out of this project, where did this will to be inspired by these roots come from ?

Because we are old ! (laugh) These are all things that entertain us.We put out a VHS, a vinyl, a club membership card, all things that remind us of our generation. It surprises people now because in this virtual world, we wanted to bring back some physical objects for our audience. With the fanzine, our public can for example take the time to read it, to discover our universe and our lyrics. Whereas a website will be quickly forgotten… Submerged in virtual, it feels good. We made it with our little hands, with Copinage for the graphic design and we printed it in Ixelles. It’s done with the heart manually.

They made a fanzine

You made an album with synthesizers and analog drum machines, a stong choice in a world that turns most of the time to virtual instruments?

We still made the album on a computer and we decided to go to other horizons than our first project. It’s a different way of creating, there is more space and the result is not as precise as if it was with plug-ins. We searched for our own sound.

We will find these instruments on stage ?

Yes !

What can we expect for your next show at the Botanique on March 09 in support of Forever Pavot ?

The transition on stage is quite easy for this album, especially compared to our first opus. We are 3 with a drummer, so we will mix the drum machines and the percussions of the drums and it will be a little more rock than on album.

Influenced by rock music since you were young, is it possible to hear you play this style one day ?

This is not impossible ! Something quite soft and organic… We are big fans of pop music above all.

Were you inspired by the Belgian scene for the “Cha-Cha-Cha Club” ?

As a Belgian band, we have a bunch of musician friends. We all support each other. Fabiola, Ada Oda… We often find ourselves collaborating ! There’s a tight musical scene that acts in correlation.

Are you already looking forward to the next step?

We are not writing the third album yet but it will be soon. Because of the delay between the first and second album due to Covid, these songs are already quite old and we don’t want to get bored, so we want to move on.

You chose to isolate yourself for your project, in the Ardennes , what was the intention behind this choice ?

The proposal came from the person who welcomed us. He runs a hotel in the south of Belgium and we had the opportunity to put all our gear and record there a week with food and accommodation. It put us in our bubble and we had nothing else to think about, even late at night. It allows us to concentrate all in one place at the same time. We were very well fed and that was a big plus to feel good for the recordings of “Club Cha-Cha-Cha”.

The second album is always a complicated step for a band, with the Covid on top of it, how did you pass this step ?

We just thought we wanted to do something different. We drew a lot of conclusions from the first album which was very tiring but was a fantastic experience. For this project, we wanted to focus on the two of us. We weren’t too afraid, we knew that it was an album that could be taken well or badly by our fans.

And what do you expect from your audience ?

Their smile in concert ! We’ve already had positive feedback on the different new sounds. We are preparing a tour in Germany and in the USA for next spring and it is there that we find a real consecration.

Finally, there is a track on this album that caught my particular attention, it’s “La Cour”, tell us more about this track.

It is a warning between a mother and her daughter. On the musical level that leaves in universe rather dark while the text remains the same one. It’s a piece that we’ve worked on to get this result. It was a demo with a lot of instruments and finally we decided to keep the track very pure. Kind words on a destabilizing music.

Thanks to Blondy Brownie for this beautiful moment. Find the group on March 09 at Le Botanique alongside Forever Pavot and do not hesitate to enter the club Cha-Cha-Cha! Thanks to This Side Up for this meeting !

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