Interview with Camille Contreras of Novelists right before their concert in Antwerp.

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We had the opportunity to meet the lovely new voice of Novelists right before their concert in Kavka Oudaan, Antwerp and ask her a few questions about her Novelists journey so far.

Hello Camille, nice to meet you in person. Are you excited for tonight’s concert?

Camille Contreras: Yes, of course I am so excited. It is my first time here in Belgium so I am really happy.

How would you describe your first experiences being part of Novelists?

Camille Contreras: Well, I am in the band since last year September. My journey since then has been a lot of work and not so much rest but it has been fun making music with the guys.

This is not the first time for you hearing about Novelists since you did a song together with former vocalist Matteo Gelsomino called ‘C’est La Vie‘.

How does it feel returning to Novelists as main vocalist?

Camille Contreras: Actually it is unbelievable, I never envisioned myself as the vocalist of Novelists.

Which is your favorite Novelists song? It can be an older song or a song you wrote.

Camille Contreras: This is a question I find really hard to answer, but I would say my personal favorite is ‘C’est La Vie‘ because I have always loved this song. And for the new songs I really love ‘Mourning The Dawn‘ because it is really emotional. In my opinion, that is what music is made for: to move people!

Novelists @ Kavka Oudaan // Audrey Chanteux for CtrlAltMusic

If it is okay for you I would like to touch on the subject of Tobias Rische, former vocalist for Novelists, leaving the band last year. I read that the band was devastated with this loss and the future for the band was uncertain for a while; you actually came as a lifeline for them, giving them the strength to move on. How does this make you feel, hearing such kind words?

Camille Contreras: They told me they were very happy with me joining the band as new vocalist. Of course it made me very proud to get this positive feedback. Now they are my friends and I am so happy we all share the same energy and goals.

Is there a specific ritual you do right before a concert to get yourself transformed in the best version you can ever be?

Camille Contreras: I always take some time to prepare myself: I get dressed and put my make-up on. Then I do some exercises to warm-up my voice and prepare my body because I like to move a lot on stage.

You got some amazing vocals, both for singing and screaming. Did you take any lessons to learn this?

Camille Contreras: No, I learned it all by myself. For some months, I have been watching YouTube tutorials to improve my vocal consistency which is important, especially for this tour being on stage 17 days in a row.

I would like to thank you for making some time to talk with us right before the concert. I sure am excited to see you on stage for the first time.

Camille Contreras – Novelists @ Kavka Oudaan // Audrey Chanteux for CtrlAltMusic

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