Let’s ask Mia Lena some …questions

The young singer from Brussels has just released a new single and we find her relieved after having opened the We Are Open, the Trix discovery festival, with brio! Switching from the language of Molière to that of Shakespeare, we meet this talented artist for an interview.

Mia Lena at We Are Open 2023 (Trix) – 10 February 2023 // FreakMike Photography for Ctrl Alt Music.

You told us on stage that you have a new project coming up, can you tell us a bit more about it already ?

Absolutely! I’ve been writing in French for two years now, after having written in English from the beginning. In 2023 I decided to set myself the goal of releasing an EP. We still have to sort out the songs and I don’t want to give any dates because it’s really up to me to judge when the project is ready, but it will be out this year !

What can we find in this project ?

I want to put forward my experimentations, my passages to different musical styles, all with a certain coherence. …questions regroup these different styles and that’s why I wanted to release it as a single to present my future project. It doesn’t really have a label on it, i describe it as a ballad on a beat. It represents the change that is taking place in my art and i really want to propose a universe of my own. I don’t want to restrict myself in my art and keep my eclecticism, always.

We are in a scene where labels are quickly placed, so it’s an interesting choice.

I’m totally against it, I don’t see the point of it and that’s why I want to experiment so much, to not stay in one box and learn from it. In this project, there will be trap, autotune, it will be a nice synthesis of what I have to offer

You opened this little Trix festival tonight, you look delighted! How are you feeling?

I work a lot with wish lists and there are a few steps like the Trix that I was able to check off tonight. And tonight was a test of my new songs because it was a big first to do them in these conditions. It’s a great chance for me to open We Are Open. We’ve been preparing ourselves mentally and there’s Bota coming soon! I’m living in the moment so I don’t know if the Botanique live show will be anything like what we’ve experienced tonight depending on the people I meet and the experiences I have. I try to modify my concerts to renew myself to see what works for me or not.

Are you satisfied with your performance ?

I did my job well, it goes by super fast, too fast. I feel relieved. The whole team was top notch despite the technical problems and the stress and it’s clear that I’ll sleep well after this evening.

Can we expect any collaborations on the EP ?

For the first project, I very selfishly wanted it purely as a person. I’m already an artist who is scattered in my musical styles, so adding other artists with other universes could have complicated things. I obviously already have ideas but this is a pure solo project.

Your name is starting to stand out in the Brussels music scene ! Are there any artists who inspire you in this scene ?

One artist I have been following for a very long time is Peet. He is on my wish list and I dream of a collab with him. I respect him a lot, he works a lot and his journey has been consistent, he has fought for his music while working on the side. He’s a guy who never gave up with Le 77 or his solo project. ISHA is also an OG of the scene and they are humble, friendly artists. They are artists with great energy, who don’t take themselves too seriously in spite of their success and they share a lot ! There are some very nice things happening in Brussels at the moment …

What are the current questions in your career as a singer ?

The first question I ask myself is to see if people will appreciate the EP. Are they going to be affected ? t’s important to me and iwant my listeners to take in the emotion of the songs as much as I sometimes feel certain songs by other artists. Public feedback is very important to me, that’s logical. I also try to meet my deadlines, see if I can finish the project on time. How to live from music also in the long term ? This is the main question of my anxiety, to see what I can do if this career does not work.

What is the word or the reaction of the public that moves you ?

I love when people feel touched by one of my tracks. Or when I am told thank you for the moment, I am not looking for this thank you but what I want is to share with my music. If I have succeeded in provoking an emotion, I am happy and I have succeeded in my job.

Thank you Mia Lena for this moment and find the talented singer at the Botanique on May 03 with Lo Bailly and stay tuned for her new project !

Last Single From Mia Lena : …questions

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