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August Burns Red bring chaos to Brussels!

August Burns Red, Bury Tomorrow and Novelists were part of one of the best metalcore package of this Fall! Their stop in Belgium brought them at the Ancienne Belgique for a soldout show. Between nostalgia and modernity, it was a great night for several generations of fans!

With last-minute cancellation from Miss May I and Thornhill, with all the bands actually on tour in Europe or in the States, it was difficult to find an act ready to jump on a one-month tour with 2 weeks notice. But Kingstar Music and their team found the perfect replacement: Novelists from Paris! And if we haven’t really enjoyed their show at Kavka Oudaan in May in support of Imminence, especially due to a bad sound quality, we were hyped to catch them live in the best Belgian venue. Better conditions, first show for their song Tobias (Kubrick filled-in for him during the UK leg) and many fans in the building: we got all the ingredients to enjoy their show.

The French act received a really warm welcome and they all seem happy to be there. With a great visual and powerful lights instead of a classic boring backdrop, the 5 guys delivered a strong set with only recent song like Lost Cause or Terrorist. We have thought that the many guitar solos would have break the mood for the non-fans but not at all. They just proved in about 35 minutes they are on the good way to one day headline venues like this! And proved that French metalcore have young promising bands right now: Novelists Fr, Landmvrks, Ten56, Resolve… It’s been a decade – since the generation Betraying The Martyrs / As They Burn – we didn’t see such a strong generation coming from our French neighbours. Looking forward what’s next!

Novelists Fr @ Ancienne Belgique – 5 November 2022 // FreakMike Photography for Ctrl Alt Music

After this strong opening act, it’s time to welcome both co-headliners on stage: firstly Bury Tomorrow, followed by August Burns Red. Outside the venue and inside between shows, we met lot of people who expected the English band to headline. Luckily many people also agreed with us: ABR totally deserved to headline at least in Belgium. In UK, no doubt, Bury Tomorrow have way more success in 2022 in their own country than the Americans. In other parts of Mainland Europe like Germany, it’s hard to decide. But in Belgium, August Burns Red still have a stronger fanbase. Their last shows proved it. But, honestly, what does it change?

Both bands played 1h. Both bands played with as much production as possible. Both bands played songs including new stuff and classics. Bury Tomorrow played mostly songs from their last 2 albums: “Cannibal” released in 2020 and “Black Flame” released… in 2018. Already. Time flies, especially when the music industry is on a break during 2 years. The melodic metalcore from the British received a great success from the audience, mostly by the youngest. The Ancienne Belgique in its Ballroom configuration tonight is soldout and even if both headliners are in the metalcore area, both don’t have exactly the same fan-base. They still both worked together but we can easely see the difference.

If the Bury Tomorrow‘s fans really enjoyed the show, it’s not that easy for other people to be in the mood. Their frontman loves to do speak a lot – even more than some hardcore bands – and many songs of the band sound to similar. Their generic metalcore convinced a part of the audience but not everybody.

Set-list: Choke, The Grey, Black Flame, Cemetery, Life, Abandon Us, Earthbound, The Age, Better Below, Man On Fire, Boltcutter, Cannibal, Death.

August Burns Red @ Ancienne Belgique – 5 November 2022 // FreakMike Photography for Ctrl Alt Music.

After a 30 minutes change-over and soundcheck – that confirmed us that Matt Greiner‘s drums still sound so good -, it’s time to welcome the closing headliner of the evening: August Burns Red. It’s the 7th time the Americans play at the AB and it has always been a sick show in different configurations: opening act for Bring Me The Horizon and A Day To Remember during an unforgettable evening in 2009, as main support for A Day To Remember 2 years later or as headliner – finally – the year after. Their last albums are not on the same level as the first ones but they still have a strong live reputation. And they confirmed it tonight!

Jake Luhrs and his teammates opened this show with a surprise: their cover from System Of A Down, Chup Suey. And, of course, it’s been a real madness. One of the highlights from the whole evening for sure! Followed by their last single to date, Vengeance, released in October 2021, the show sounded great but slowly. The first third of the show contained especially new songs. Or at least, from the latest albums post-2013. From their 11 songs – cover not counted -, they chose songs from 5 albums. And none from “Rescue And Restore” (2013) sadly. But most surprising: none from “Leveler” (2011). Too bad!

From Meddler, the show won 2 levels! Until the end of the show, except with Defender, the crowd was on fire and it’s understandable! Black Burner, Composure, Ghost… before a perfect ending with Marianas Trench and White Washed! They started slowly but finished on fire: Jake Luhrs was, once again, a man on fire. So were his teammates. And even if the old stuff got way more success than the new ones, August Burns Red confirmed we can still count on them in the metalcore area. A special tour in 2023 to celebrate their 20th Birthday?!

August Burns Red, Bury Tomorrow and Novelists Fr have all confirm their good reputation and in different vibes proved we’ll still hear about for many years. Bury Tomorrow not: August Burns Red and Novelists Fr, see you at Graspop Metal Meeting in June!

August Burns Red @ Ancienne Belgique – 5 November 2022 // FreakMike Photography for Ctrl Alt Music.

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