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Deez Nuts in Brussels: the most improbable show

The new Insane Festival being cancelled, tons of bands got a hole in their planning. Fortunately for them, a couple find a last-minute show. Deez Nuts, Scarfold, Cutthroath and a few more found a show in Brussels, in Matonge area. A place that have never seen an hardcore… and maybe will never seen it again. It was improbable…

When the Insane Festival has been announced, we were excited. When we saw the line-up not very original, we were a bit less excited but still wanted to go. When we heard the festival has to be cancelled because of a lack of presales, we were sad and not really surprised. The timing was maybe not the best and the festival saw it too big for a first edition (3 days): 2 obstacles for the difficult public from Wallonia.

About 1 week before, this show has been announced with this full line-up: Smokebomb, Matriarchs, Cutthroat, Scarfold and so Deez Nuts. Has Deez Nuts ever played in Brussels? Not sure. But they won’t play at Ancienne Belgique, Botanique or Magasin 4. No. They played at Kirikou Et Le Président. A small bar in Matongé, the African neighbourhood of Brussels. Tickets were 15€. Not cheap but not really expensive either. And it was for a good cause: help these touring bands who lost a show during their first post-Covid European tour. Sadly, we were only about 50 people in the bar… where we could have put 3 times more!

As we were on our way back from the Netherlands – were we saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers at GoffertPark in Nijmegen -, we arrived just in time to see Scarfold and Deez Nuts. The Canadian band got a few people for their, an handful of people in the pit but they played a powerful show like they played in front of hundreds of crazy people. Respect to them for being so professional! Hopefully we’ll be able to see them again in better conditions.

It was a show back to the roots for Deez Nuts. Playing in a small bar without a real stage, with a ring-light as only light on stage and a basic PA. Been a while since they’ve played a show like this for sure! It was the first show in Belgium for them with their new touring drummer: Alex Lopez, former drummer of Suicide Silence. What a gap for him too! While his former band was announced as headliner for this year’s Never Say Die! Tour… but they also try to keep the good vibes and deliver a good show for the few fans here. Sadly, JJ voice was a bit gone and half of the songs were done with the mic in the audience (like Anthony from the HellHole Project). We got all the classics like Stay True, Band Of Brothers, I Hustle Everyday, Shot After Shot and many more. The new songs got a great reaction but less good than the old classics.

From a musical perspective, it wasn’t really the best show of Deez Nuts. Hell no. Beside that, it’s a show to remember! See Deez Nuts in such a place, in such an area, is something we never thought we’d see. And it was important to support the bands and this local initiative. If only it could happen more often and with more people!

Deez Nuts Brussels

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