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Fit For An Autopsy: a great deathcore evening in Antwerp

It was an evening every deathcore fans in Belgium didn’t wanna miss. Well, at least that’s what about 300 people thought. Fit For An Autopsy, Enterprise Earth, Great American Ghost and Sentinels on the same line-up: that’s brutal as f*ck.

The last show in Belgium for Fit For An Autopsy was in January 2020, before the pandemic hit us, opening for Thy Art Is Murder not far from the Trix Club (the Kavka Zappa). Since then, they release a brand new full length-album called “Oh What The Future Holds”. Well, we hope not another worldwide pandemic… To introduce this new album to the Belgian audience, they bring bands we’ve already seen in Belgium like Enterprise Earth and Great American Ghost and the young Sentinels. We hope to see Ingested as they were on the poster but Belgium is the only show they don’t play on this tour… first bad surprise for us as it wasn’t really clear. Anyway.

This evening of 4 bands instead of 4 started then with Sentinels, whom played their very first show in Europe that night and then in Belgium too. Their progressive and modern metalcore sound really different than the rest of the line-up but was a really good way to start the night. Sound is good, the band is highly motivated and the audience – growing up during the whole set – seems to enjoy it too. A couple of hard fans went sometimes in front of the stage to sing along a few chorus. The biggest part of the set-list was of course from the new album “Collapse By Design” and the songs sound as good in live than in studio. Hopefully they’ll be back in Belgium soon enough!

A short break later, Great American Ghost came on stage with an old-school vibing metalcore. All the musicians moved a lot, they try to do their best but the audience wasn’t really in the mood for a good pit. The singer himself went into the crowd to launch a pit to try to wake up the audience but without a great success sadly. Even the featuring from Enterprise Earth in the final song didn’t move a lot the audience. Great American Ghost did not succeed in breaking the ice despite all efforts.

Enterprise Earth is already more known in Europe after several tours in we can quickly feel it. Way more people in the venue so better pit? Not really. They’ve been waiting until the final song to do a decent pit and a wall of death. Before that, the band with their new singer, jumped from old songs to new songs and even played an unreleased song which was then a worldwide exclusivity as it’s their first show on this tour! A really good song that sound promising for an upcoming album.

Finally, the time came to welcome the headliners of the evening on stage: Fit For An Autopsy. And from the very first song, we can notice that a large part of the audience came especially for them. Mosh pit on every song or almost. Unfortunately, the sound isn’t the best as we heard way too much the bass. But it didn’t decrease the motivation of the fans, happy to hear many songs from the latest album “Oh What The Future Holds” like Far From Heaven, Pandora or Two Towers during the encore which was played live for the first time. During about 1h, we received a powerful wall of decibels in the face with all their killer hits like Warfare, Hydra or Your Pain Is Mine. We felt the joy and the relief of the band – like the 3 support acts – of finally being able to tour again.

Fit For An Autopsy confirmed tonight they were one of the most promising deathcore bands so far. If we don’t know yet they gonna go as high as bands like Thy Art Is Murder, we know they should continue to grow up for sure.

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