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How can you be as fun as Nova Twins live?

Back to the Botanique for the third time in this week to end this saga in style. We’re not even at the Nuits du Botanique that we are back to finish the run with the most exciting duo project of the moment, Nova Twins !

Nova Twins @ Botanique – 23 March 2023 // FreakMike Photography for CtrlAltMusic

We arrived early so we could settle in quietly but the fans came early to enjoy this project that broke everything in 2022. Freshly arrived from the Brit Awards where they were nominated for Best British Band and Best British Rock Band, no less, we were eager to see what these two supercharged ladies had in store for us.

A first attempt

Opening act: Master Peace. Mixing influences such as The Strokes and Artic Monkeys into a more R’N’B mix, the set starts off sluggishly with ten long minutes of rather pointless djing that leaves the crowd confused. The arrival of the young artist will make up for this boring start and will offer us some snippets of his fresh discography. There is some very good and some aspects to be reworked but Master Peace gives of his person to go and get a rather quiet public. The hit Veronica quickly put the fire to the powder and we regret that the artist was not accompanied by his band because the backing track being really quiet and the contribution of the guitarist rather useless despite his good will. Nice discovery in any case and the work was done.

Master Peace @ Botanique – 23 March 2023 // FreakMike Photography for CtrlAltMusic

What a blast

The arrival of the two queens on Fire & Ice hits very hard. The public already conquered by the vision of their two idols (special mention to the drummer who accompanies them, real metronome) are on fire ! All in glitter, make-up and color, we feel a big explosion of energy as Georgia comes near the crowd after 3 songs to make the audience dance, bass in hand while Amy warms up her rocky voice in an energy close to Rage Against The Machine. The tracks follow each other, they sound a bit like each other and it’s at Sleep Paralysis that we find a second breath on a show that was starting to get stuck in the same pattern, intro, verse, chorus, break in two times , only to break your neck.

Nova Twins @ Botanique – 23 March 2023 // FreakMike Photography for CtrlAltMusic

The climax

The show will take on a whole new dimension from there. Between raw energy, and fusion with its public and Nova Twins impresses. Armed with a solid sound, the bassist will offer us the palette of her virtuoso talent for both sound and technique by linking rhythm and melody, all on a single neck and hopping from right to left, enough to give you a headache. The time to celebrate the birthday of their roadie that we leave in style with the classic for the first album Bullet until the (false) end of the show, A Dark Place For Somewhere Beautiful. Time to recover that the band arrives in force with a full-bodied encore of three titles Antagonist, Undertaker and their hit Choose Your Fighter, performed with a crowdsurfing in a crowd that was just waiting for it to celebrate the stars of the evening in style.

Setlist: Fire and Ice, Cleopatra, Toolbox , Wave, Puzzles, Sleep Paralysis, Taxi, K.M.B Losing Sleep, Bullet ,A Dark Place for Somewhere Beautiful, Antagonist (Encore) Undertaker (Encore), Choose Your Fighter (Encore).

Nova Twins hits hard tonight. Not content with their status as a promising band, the girls offered us a solid show in energy and music and proved once again that they are one of the most over-the-top projects on the scene.

Stream “Supernova“, their latest album !

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