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Landmvrks conquered Antwerp and soon the whole planet!

Saturday 9 April 2022. We’ve been waiting this show for a while but it’s now happening: Landmvrks are finally in Belgium to play live their latest album « Lost In The Waves » which was one of the best release in the heavy music in 2021! Joining them on their biggest tour ever: Resolve, Ten56 and Glassbone. It was easy to say we gonna have a blast with this full French line-up!

The show was at JH Kaddish in Schoten, near Antwerp. From the street, it looks a very small house and it’s hard to imagine a show there. But behind these cute white and red walls, you can find a very large space with a venue able to fit more than 250 people. It’s our first time there but not the last time for sure! The show of Our Hollow Our Home there on October 21st is already in our agenda. But let’s focus on tonight first.

Even if it’s soldout, there’re still lot of place in the venue when Glassbone started their set. Some things never changed, even after the pandemic. Their industrial metalcore is really dark, chaotic, powerful and is perfect to wake up the audience. It was short and intense and definitely a band to keep in the loop in 2022. And beyond!

Second band of the night: Resolve. They released their first full length « Between The Machine And Me » last Fall on Arising Empire and can finally play some new stuff for the Belgian public. The major part of the tickets holders are finally here and the level will increase of a few steps now! The 3-pieces became recently a 4-pieces as their lie guitarist is now officially part of the band. Their set-list is obviously focused on their new release with 6 of the 7 songs including the singles Seasick Sailor or Emerald Skies. The response wasn’t too bad from the crowd but it’s clear that they’re mainly waiting Landmvrks.

Set-list: Beautiful Hell, Surrender, Emerald Skies, Seasick Sailor, D.G.G.R.S, OfSilk And Straw, Forever Yours.

Copyright: FreakMike Photography – Ctrl Alt Music – April 2022.

Unforuntaly, we haven’t been able to see the full show of Ten56, the main support of this extensive tour. Just a few pieces from this band formed exactly 1 year ago with singer Aaron Matts, ex-frontman of Betraying The Martyrs. The sound was massive, the energy was there. Hopefully we’ll be able to see them again in Belgium soon of later!

Around 9.30pm, the time everyone was waiting for finally arrived: a last line-check and Landmvrks are ready to kick-off. Only 11 songs but a huge energy from the very first second to the last one, from the band and the public as well. The duo Lost In A Wave / Rainfall to start the show confirmed everything we thought about the band: this venue is too small for them. The quality of their songs and the response from the fans prove they are on the good way to become one of the major bands of the scene in the next couple of years. Between a few songs from the first album  like Blistering and Winter, we also have the chance to listen to some brand new singles like Death (original song featuring Drew from Stray From The Path). The songs a bit more soft like the pop-punk vibes Tired Of It All or the rap intro of Visage allowed us to have a break because it’s hot as f*ck in the venue and everyone need to take their breath back before the big ending. Especially when we got the huge Say No Word in between. Firstly their hit Scars before a « fake » encore: indeed, like Flo said, they can’t leave the stage for real so they just take a few seconds break in the dark before coming back for 2 songs. The latest single to start, Self Made Black Hole, featuring Anthony from Resolve who finished the song playing guitar, as well as Flo. The song sounds even better live then on the album, which was already great. And to end this great and wet evening: Fantasy, song that everyone knows at least the chorus.

Set-list: Les Vagues, Lost In A Wave, Rainfall, Blistering, Winter, Death, Visage, Say No Word, Tired Of It All, Scars, Self Made Black Hole, Fantasy.

Copyright: FreakMike Photography – Ctrl Alt Music

In less than one hour, Landmvrks confirmed they were one of the best new bands in the metalcore scene. With their album « Lost In The Waves », they show us everything they can do, from pop-punk songs to the most heavy riffs they’ve ever written. And their live performances are – at least – as good as what they provide on album. Don’t miss the chance to see the band on this tour because it’s for sure the last time you’re able to see them in such a small venue!

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