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The Menzingers, sad punk-rock for sad people

At the beginning of the week we were gathered for our favorite event, a Menzingers concert. Scheduled in the beautiful room of Kavka Oudaan, let’s talk about this experience !

We were obviously excited to find this American band that rocked our breakups and heartbreaks. Our favorite of the Epitaph label, of course ! We waited a long time before crossing paths again with this very special band. It is thus in the room of Kavka Oudaan that we arrived for this new evening of sad punk rock. It started smoothly with the band Sincere Engineer. If on the record the band seems rather calm, the formation managed to impress us. Formed around the singer Deanna Belos, the band successfully played the few songs we knew from their different projects. Nice discovery then, that we can’t help but rediscover even at this time ! After an obligatory passage by the merchandising stand (very good), we decided to go and appreciate Joyce Manor !

Copyright : Glenn Verbeck for Kavka Oudaan

A solid start

Already much more popular, the Californian formation delivered a concert full of classics. A little more emo than effective, we rediscovered this already classic band with a lot of pleasure. The audience warms up very quickly and already takes in chorus the melancholic refrains of Barry Johnson. In short, we were already very enthusiastic about the main course. The audience is eclectic. From the young punk rocker to the thirty year old hipster, the room is nevertheless sold out tonight, congratulations ! The last time we saw The Menzingers was at Kavka Zappa. An exceptional evening with Mannequin Pussy and Spanish Love Songs, in other words, an all-star before its time. It is thus surprising to find the group in a smaller, more intimate room. The good news is that we’re right in front of them to enjoy the show.

Copyright : Glenn Verbeck for Kavka Oudaan

Time to party !

In front of the same backdrop as three (!) years ago, the four friends arrive on Good Things after a nice crossing of the audience. And what a slap ! The sound is simply wonderful and the band seems happy to be there. The audience, warmed up is apparently a nice band of connoisseurs. Each piece hits the bull’s eye, and we had the choice. The Menzingers have dipped far into their discography. It is true that their formation has already some years on the counter, but the energy remains the same ! With a set definitely calmer than the previous time, we could appreciate a little more their last official album. The Obituaries, Lookers or the hit After The Party, we were spoiled by the band. We left after an hour and a half, simply delighted. A Menzingers show is a moment of pure nostalgia, of melancholy but also of vulnerability and what better than their discography to enjoy these deep feelings? We simply let go, we forgot everything the time of a chord, of a riff, magic. Special mention to this magnificent venue in Antwerp, a city that is resolutely musical.

Copyright : Glenn Verbeck for Kavka Oudaan

For a second time, Menzingers was just as good live as on album. If the surprise of seeing them was no longer there, we had the pleasure of listening to them again and to enjoy a unique moment with the band. We left the room, in the cold of northern Belgium, with a happy heart for this unique performance. See you next time Menzingers, see you soon!

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