BEX releases new track “Don’t Date The Devil”

BEX – Press Photo

BEX, the emerging nu-punk artist, has recently released her latest single ‘Don’t Date The Devil.’ This dark and intense track delves into sinister and satanic themes, following her previous single ‘SPYD4 K1NG’ which explored concepts of fear and anxiety, with influences from arachnids and was co-written by BEX, Sam Matlock (WARGASM), and Sam Cramer (Future Humans).

Speaking about the new single, BEX says :

Don’t Date The Devil, expresses struggles and emotions within a relationship. I have used extremes to emphasise the pain, dread and guilt the main character of the track should feel, but doesn’t. The first verse explores blame – it is the character taking the guilt away from themselves and blaming their partner for choosing to be with them; when they should be taking responsibility for their own actions. The track moves through an abusive relationship, constantly comparing the character to the devil and displaying themes of pain and harm combined with love.

The music video conveys the relationship as a personal battle. An inner love fight rather than a two (or more) person relationship. A battle of self hate and harm. Throughout the music video we see the ‘weaker’ character gain power to finally result in the eye gouge scene, where the ‘weak’ character takes charge of their inner demon and kills it/them.

Overall the track and video display power dynamics within different situations, relationships, friendships and between your external and internal self. Loving is hard, whether that’s with yourself or with another. Being aware of your actions and your own love language can be a helpful way of making it slightly easier. We cannot have love without hate and we cannot hate without love.”

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