Chaidura has release a new single : “With You”

Chaidura is an alt-rock artist originally from Singapore and now based in London, he creates fresh melodies that blend various influences. Taking inspiration from visual kei bands like Gazette, Dir En Grey, Lynch, and alternative metal bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Bad Omens, Chaidura’s sound is a unique combination of Eastern and Western influences. The artist has just dropped a new single titled “With You“, which features a exciting mix of electro, emo and metal elements.

About this new song, Chaidura said :

“‘With You’ was inspired when someone close to me was diagnosed with an irreversible medical condition. Even though I was there for that person, I felt a sense of helplessness as I witnessed the suffering that came with it. At that moment I hoped for a way to share the pain, anything to make that person feel better, anything. But at the end of the day, the only thing I could do was to express myself and make sure that I’m there for that person as much as I can. ‘With You’ is therefore a promise to myself to always be there for my loved ones”

The song will be accompanied by a video, out on January 27th, directed by Clare Chong in collaboration with Hei Studio from Singapore and filmed at Verta Collective Singapore.

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