Haru Nemuri and Jaguar Jonze team up for two songs, ‘ANGRY ANGRY’ and ‘Don’t Call Me Queen’.

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Taiwanese-born Australian singer Jaguar Jonze and Japanese singer Haru Nemuri collaborate on two new tracks, ‘ANGRY ANGRY’ and ‘Don’t Call Me Queen’.

The song ‘ANGRY ANGRY’ draws its inspiration from an incident during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, where authorities arrested a 36-year-old man for assaulting a young woman. The man told the police, “I wanted to kill a happy woman,” and also mentioned targeting her “because of what she was wearing.”

Japanese women took to the subway stations and began posting messages of solidarity and support on the walls, railing against these acts of violence and protesting feminicide.

The Japanese police responded by claiming that the supporters and protesters of the attack were trespassing on public property.

About the lyrics, Haru Nemuri said:

“I want this world to be a place where everyone can live without discrimination, oppression, or violence, regardless of gender, race, physical or mental condition.

In order for that, we must visualise the discrimination and violence that exists in this society today, and break down the social system that preserves them. Gender discrimination against women is still deeply rooted in this world, and hate crimes and sexual violence targeting them are frequent. The system in which the house is ruled by the father, the eldest son as the head of the family, and the wife and daughter are subordinate are applied to the structure of this society and it looks at women and girls as if they are objects creating a soil that fosters hatred and disgust towards them. Undoubtedly, it is the very cause that oppresses us. Therefore, we are demanding change in society with all this anger, sadness, and pain.”

Jaguar Jonze adds:

“Haru and I have always been loud advocates in our music for equality and safety for women and vulnerable people. When we came together to write, we grieved about the murder and brutality to women in public spaces that should’ve been safe. We wanted to write a song to express our anger and sadness as well as to amplify our silenced voices through song. ANGRY ANGRY is a song for those oppressed by society and patriarchy, to remember the lives unnecessarily lost through hate and violence, and to use the power of music to demand safety and change.”

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