Julia Wolf releases a video for her song ‘Dracula’

Julia Wolf has released a video for her new song ‘Dracula‘. The singer spoke about her new material :

“Spending most of my youth on the bleachers really gave me the time to observe and learn how to read a room, In being the quiet person in the room – you really get to see the lines people are willing to cross to get what they want.”

Julia continues :

“As someone who is a diehard horror fan I wanted to use our beloved Dracula, the vampire who can’t see his own reflection, as a way to call out people who throw the most shade while hiding behind closed doors or phones. People get so two-faced and think they’ve fooled everyone around them when really the spotlight couldn’t be shining down any brighter.”

Dracula” is the fourth single from Julia Wolf highly anticipated debut album, “Good Thing We Stayed“, which will be released by BMG on 13 January 2023. You can already pre-order the album here

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