While she won the Female Artist award at the Victoires de la Musique in February 2021, Pomme began writing the tracks for her album Consolation, which will succeed her second album Les Failles, released in 2019 and acclaimed since then.

While the pandemic keeps preventing the musician from defending her album on stage, it is nevertheless in resignation that she starts writing and composing what will become her third album. Attracted by electronic music, Pomme turned to the artist Flavien Berger to accompany her on this still unknown path. It was an “alignment of the planets” as she puts it, since Flavien Berger, for his part, wanted to get closer to folk music, which the singer had mastered since her first two albums. So in November 2021, the two joined forces and recorded Consolation for a month. In the Quebec countryside, they co-produced the album which, unlike Les Failles, is not about “what’s wrong”, but rather about “what feels good”.

Oscillating between the desire to talk about his childhood and the women who inspire him, the two subjects are logically intertwined in this new work entirely signed by Claire Pommet, who also produces the record. Written in Burgundy, Paris, Montreal, Île d’Orléans in Quebec and Ontario, Consolation was initially conceived as a piano-vocal album. Later, the synthetic and electronic tones that Pomme aspired to were added, giving the record a higher maturity, translating the artist’s ambition and renewal, while preserving his own identity.

As if to a phantom limb, Pomme delivers a vocoder declaration of longing to the singer Barbara in “B.” and imagines herself alongside the Japanese heroine Chihiro in “The River”. Whether she is reminding a friend who no longer believes in life of its beauty in “sep- tembre”, or consoling the spirit of the Quebec writer Nelly Arcan in “Nelly”, the singer wanders between the women in her life. All this while also visiting the little girl she was in ‘jardin’, or ‘dans mes rêves’.

Consolation is a theme that has become central, in that it “led me to these stories of women that touched me, in which there is a lot of tragedy, sadness and injustice. But it is also a concept of childhood. With the melancholic and soothing tones of “magie bleue”, the title of Les Failles Cachées on which Flavien Berger had also worked, the track “bleu” echoes the tones to which Pomme had accustomed us.

If Les Failles certainly marked a strong emancipation of Pomme, who set herself up as the sole author and composer of her record, Consolation stands out as an even higher step that the artist and producer takes, assured and determined to prove that her resources are far from being exhausted. A work of convoluted charm, Consolation is a joy that necessarily comes from a pain, and from its beautiful ashes, Pomme is reborn.

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08 Mar 2023


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