Jera On Air 2022 : The 10 best shows

That’s it. Jera On Air 2022 is over. Such a pleasure to be back there. We had so much fun and saw so many bands. The average quality was high level, even more than expected! Some surprises, some shows even better than we were waiting for and also some disappointed sets. Today, we reveal you our top 10 of the weekend!


The hype around this show was unreal. So was the announcement of the show! Announced 24h before as replacement of Malevolence, we were waiting this set so much. And if we thought for a moment that the concert wouldn’t take place, we were quickly reassured when we heard that the festival was back on! It wouldn’t have been so cruel if the weather took us this show away from us.

Exhausted and wet as fuck, we were anyway more than ready to enjoy this special show. So was the band. And during 35 minutes, we went back to 2012 when they release this album “Diamond”. We heard some songs they have almost never played like Beyond The Sun like we explained in our full live-report of this first day at Jera On Air! The feeling after the show was: “Did we already see the best show of the weekend ?!” and “We can say that we were there!”.


Last time they played at Jera On Air was a bit frustrating as their set was cut 10 minutes earlier because of a communication issue. Fortunately, the band doesn’t hold grudges and they came back as soon as possible. This time as sub-headliner, with a clear schedule and a kick-ass show! We saw them earlier this month at Slam Dunk where they were also sub-headliner (of Alexisonfire). This time, they opened for The Offspring… but it would have been the last show of the day without any discussion! They provided us an insane rock’n’roll show. From The Lines as opening to the final with Caleb playing in the crowd with fire on stage, we had the time of our lives!

Copyright: FreakMike Photography – Ctrl Alt Music – June 2022.


They played on Thursday their special set. Could their classic set be better?! Hard to say which show was better honestly. Depends of your relationship with their amazing album “Diamond” (you can feel here our relationship). But both shows were insane, so powerful and with such a real osmosis between the band and the crowd. Stick To Your Guns never disappoint live. But damn, we missed them!


The last time we saw Frank Carter was at the Ancienne Belgique and we’ve been a little bit frustrated. It wasn’t crazy people said it gonna be. But not this time. Hell no! This show was the pure definition of what we expect at a festival: crazyness and fun! Frank in the crowd, Frank surfing on the crowd in a pink flamingo, Frank jumping in the crowd, Frank asking a circle-pit going outside of the tent, Frank sending the mic to a fan and bringing him on stage. We got everything possible. And on stage, we got a great show with so many singles and everybody singing them.

Copyright: FreakMike Photography – Ctrl Alt Music – June 2022.


Don’t look further for the most violent show of the weekend: you got it. The mosh-pit during Knocked Loose was huge and brutal as fuck! We knew it already but they’re one of the biggest band in the hardcore area right now. For sure. And by the way, we know who’s gonna be next: Incendiary, they almost made it in our top 10 but they finished at the 11th spot.


The hype around the band since they released their single Hypa Hypa is insane! Their 2 soldout shows at Trix in April confirmed it. And the show at Jera On Air this weekend confirmed it once again! The tent of the Main Stage was more than full and many people looked the show from outside the tent. They are definitely in the top 3 bands who got the biggest crowd this weekend! Before the show, during the show, during the song itself obviously and after the show: everybody was singing the riff of Hypa Hypa!


You’re surprised to see them in this top 10? Well, we are too! We’ve known the band since about 5 years now and we were not really fan to be honest. But it all changed this year. Their latest album “Don’t You Feel Amazing” released in August 2021 took time to arrive to our hears but it won’t leave away now! We saw them playing a small club show in Paris 2 weeks ago and we already had a great time. But early this Friday afternoon (play as third band on the second stage at 2pm), we had a fuckin’ great time! Their energy, the voice of their singer, the quality of their Linkin Park cover (we miss you so much Chester) and the reaction of the crowd: it was one of the first show of the weekend for us and we already knew we gonna have a sick time. Thank you Trash Boat for the best warm-up! And spoiler alert: we went to see them again on Sunday, the day just after Jera On Air, in Antwerp opening for Enter Shikari and we had a great time again, for the 3rd time in 13 days! Definitely one of our favorites of the summer!

Copyright: FreakMike Photography – Ctrl Alt Music – June 2022.


Based only on their performance, they would not be in this top 10. But a show is a mix of a band performance and the crowd reaction. And here, the crowd really enjoyed listening and singing the songs of the mythic punk-rock band!


It’s been a while since we’ve enjoyed a BAAO show so much! They delivered so much energy, so much emotion and such a great communion with the fans that we had to put them in this top 10. Classic songs, new songs. We enjoyed all of them! And we can’t wait to see them on December 4th at Kavka in Antwerp (thanks to Floor Floorshows) playing their iconic album “Dear G_d” which turn 10 years old in 2022!


Put them on the smallest stage without any barrier was the best idea ever. It was hot and brutal as fuck. Their show at Slam Dunk Hatfield earlier this month was great but see them again in a small configuration like it was way more enjoyable for us! This was all we can expect for a great hardcore show. And way better than seeing a classic show of Bad Religion again…

This top 10 is of course subjective. We don’t all enjoy the same music. We didn’t see all the same bands. This is our point of view. Don’t hesitate to share your top 10 with us through our social networks, we would love to hear what you think about this crazy weekend at Jera On Air! And in the meantime, mark 22-23-24 June in your calendar for your comeback at Ysselsteyn!

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