The 10 bands to not miss at Slam Dunk 2022 !

After many cancellations due to Covid, the Slam Dunk is finally back on their fields during the Summer. Leeds on 3rd June and Hatfield/London on the 4th, where we’ll be of course! From pop-punk to metalcore, including punk-rock and hardcore, the British festival has once again done a great job with their line-up! With 3 outdoor Main Stages, added to 3 tents, they are about 60 bands to see. We could list so many of them but we decide to focus here on 10 bands you don’t have to miss this year!


One of the most promising pop-punk in the UK right now! Bethany Curtis and her colleagues are touring a lot since they’ve released their first full-length “Happier”. From Slam Dunk to 2000 Trees Festival, including a proper headliner tour. The Slam Dunk provides big headliners but also give space to new-comers like As December Falls and you shouldn’t miss them in June!

Songs to listen to: Afterglow, Over It, H.N.A, All Of This Is Over.


Happy 20th Birthday guys! The post-hardcore heroes from Canada are back and as they don’t play often in UK and even less on Mainland Europe, the band should be on all our list when they play near your area. Even more when they release their first album in 13 years: “Otherness” is coming on 24 June and it’s pretty sure they are gonna play a few new songs live. What are you waiting for?!

Songs to listen to: Sweets Dreams Of Otherness, This Could Be Anywhere In The World, Reverse The Curse, Pulmonary Archery.


Almost 20 years that the Canadian hardcore band are on the roads! And during this long time, the line-up hasn’t changed a lot, which is really rare. Liam (vocals) and Mike (drums) are still there, Jaye (bass) has been in the band since 2009. But the biggest change is the departure of the former guitarist Scott last Fall, replaced by the guitarist from Fever 333. A new area will start this Summer for the band. Be part of it!

Songs to listen to: Sabotage, Hail Destroyer, Radiate, Trust No One.


For many people, including us for a while, they are an American band. But no, they’re from France! But they leave early to the US to play shows there, including the famous Vans Warped Tour (R.I.P). From 2016 to 2020, they’ve been on hiatus. A time Paul, former guitarist, used to join Landmvrks and write the sick album “Lost In The Waves”. Now, C!NCC are back on track and we can’t wait to hear live old classics from “Pardon My French” or from the latest “Gone Are The Good Days” released last year still on Fearless Records.

Songs to listen to: In Friends We Trust, All Star, Gone Are The Good Days, Haters Gonna Hate.


Their big momentum seems behind them. Their fourth full length album “Tragedy Will Find Us” was amazing from the first to the last song with his like Burn, Choke or Collapse. We still remember their insane soldout show at Kavka Zappa. Since then, they released 2 other albums which were great but didn’t get the success they hoped. A 7th album could see the light in 2022! And anyway, the Canadian band always provides a strong live show. Best way to have your dose of hardcore at Slam Dunk!

Songs to listen to: Burn, Choke, The Disconnect, Nothing Left To Love.


No, this is not a message to meet you in the darkest tent of the Hellfest. It’s really the name of the band! This pop-punk trio has a funny story: they met online as they live in different countries and started to write music through Internet from their own area. About 3 years later, they finally went on tour together. And 2 years later, they signed a deal with Fueled By Ramen (Paramore, A Day To Remember…)! Life can go crazy quickly. Same for their shows!

Songs to listen to: Hit Like A Girl, Feel A Thing, Brighter Days, Changing States.


For many people, at least in the metal area, we’ve discovered Nova Twins thanks to Fever 333 as they tour with them and Bring Me The Horizon who invited them on tour and as guest for the song 1×1 released in 2020. Actually on tour as support of Yungblud, they’ll continue to grow up, confirming their “Best U.K. Breakthrough Band in 2020” from Heavy Music Awards and should release their second album in June. They will headline the Key Club Stage at Slam Dunk, don’t miss the opportunity to see them on the smallest stage!

Songs to listen to: Antagonist, Cleopatra, Taxi, Play Fair.


From emo to alternative rock, the band from Florida has changed a lot the last few years! Cody Carson and his friends have been signed on Fearless Records since 2018 and their success keeps growing. Their shows always feel like a party (well, not like Electric Callboy – also performing at Slam Dunk this year) with many good vibes. Their new album “Elsewhere” has been released in March and it’s gonna be the first time they can play these new songs live then.

Songs to listen to: Why Worry, Killer In The Mirror, Upside Down, Forever Stuck In Our Youth.


Their prime was more than 10 years ago but they’re still a classic and deliver a great live show. Between some recent powerful songs and their classics, you might have a great time for sure! It’s really rare to see them live in Europe so don’t miss this chance!

Songs to listen to: The Taste Of Ink, Hospital, All That I’ve Got, Blood On My Hands.


We finally saw them in Antwerp a few weeks ago for their first show in Mainland Europe and so Belgium… but also their only show they had to cancel due to a Covid case in their crew. Sadly, the virus still hit some bands on tour! More than ever, they need support from the fans and based on their strong 30 minutes set, they totally deserve it!

Songs to listen to: High Hopes, Lights On, Walk Over My Grave, Circles.

This is of course the top 10 bands we think you don’t have to miss! It’s always kind of subjective. And many other bands deserve your attention like Beartooth, Eletric Callboy, The Amity Affliction, Caskets or Hot Milk. But we thought there were 10 great acts that deserved to be highlighted. Tell us which bands you’re looking forward to see the most!

Slam Dunk Line up

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