The 10 bands to not miss at Alcatraz Festival 2022

Festivals are back for real this time! In 2021, Alcatraz was the only major festival happening in Belgium and one of the only ones in Europe. In 2022, they’re back with tons of international sick bands. During 3 days and on 4 stages, there are more than 100 bands to see. So we make a list of 10 bands you should not miss!


The last few years, there have a few changes in their line-up, especially for the vocalists. But Elize Rid is still here and still the main face of the band. Their live shows are always very powerful and if the latest albums are not as good as the first ones, we’re looking forward to hear the old songs!

Songs to listen to: Drop Dead Cynical, The Nexus, Hunger, 1.000.000 Lightyears.


We discover them when we look at the schedule of the festival and what a great surprise! Maybe the most innovative band but we still enjoy it very much at the first listening. Mentionned as nu-metal band, they sound really modern and even a bit rock. This young German band – whom seems to really love the red color – will have the difficult task to open the Main Stage aka Prison Stage this year and we can’t encourage you enough to go support them! But if you’re really not into this kind of music, have a look at the end of this article as we speak about the other opener of the festival, Belgian this time, called Urne!

Songs to listen to: Break The Silence, Rising Hell, Painkiller, Sky Is The Limit.


Finally they headline that kind of festival. It took time but they are finally on top of festival’s line-up like Wacken, Summerbreeze and so now Alcatraz Festival. The last time we saw them, they played in the afternoon at Graspop 2018 and it was such a big show. We knew it was only a matter of time. Covid just makes it longer. Anyway. This time is the time and they’ll end the festival with a show we’ll remember many years for sure!

Songs to listen to: War Eternal, Deceiver Deceiver, Nemesis, The Eagle Flies Alone.


We are almost all metalcore fans in the team so we had to put As I Lay Dying in the list. We could have put Unearth as well. But we have the feeling their show is gonna be huge. Pyro maybe? We hope so! They play around 9pm on the Prison Stage and it fits perfectly for them. We haven’t seen them since their comeback show in Belgium at Kavka Zappa: which was so small for them. Since then, they played at the Ancienne Belgique. And this Summer, Alcatraz are waiting them! Seeing them at a big festival will remember us when we saw them at Graspop 2010… long time ago. Don’t miss their powerful show and enjoy the many circle-pits for sure!

Songs to listen: My Own Grave, Blinded, Parallels, A Greater Foundation.


Don’t look further for the metalcore band with the biggest hype in 2022. You find them! The German bands, previously named Eskimo Callboy, became huge after they released their single Hypa Hypa. In April, they played 2 soldout shows in the main room of the Trix. And in Germany, their native country, they play in front of thousands of people every night. We can’t wait to see the crowd of Alcatraz dancing in front of the Prison Stage!

Songs to listen to: Hypa Hypa, Pump It, Best Day, We Got The Moves.


You will want your dose of deathcore during the weekend. They play early on the Swamp, gonna be the perfect timing after you finish to eat your burger and Belgian fries (sound better than French Fries, right ?!). They are around since about 10 years, they took time to make their name really known, especially because of the many line-up changes. But with their actual singer and the new album “Immortal”, seems they finally find the stability they needed and their huge headline tour in UK confirmed it. Now, it’s time to make their proof again in Europe. Don’t miss them during the Alcatraz because their next show is gonna be a huge one: opening for Parkway Drive at Vorst National in September 2022!

Song to listen to: To The Hellfire, Sun//Eater, Of The Abyss, Immortal.


The American band released their 4th single on Metal Blade Records (like the 3 before) last year, called “The Work” and it really suits its name. This 4th full-length confirm all the work they have put in their band in about 10 years and it marks a new big chapter in their musical carrier. Following their festival run, they’ll embark on the Faces Of Death Tour through whole Europe as headliners. Don’t miss them!

Songs to listen to: A Home, The Silent Life, Focus, Clean.


The Alcatraz Festival always booked some sick hardcore bands. If Madball cancelled, Sick Of It All are still here and we can’t wait to see them again. They will headline the Helldorado Stage on Sunday. If you are more a hardcore kid than a melodic death metal fan, you’ll prefer to mosh there than headbang on the Prison Stage for Arch Enemy.

Songs to listen to: Step Down, Inner Vision, Built To Last, Scratch The Surface.


You don’t know them? Well, we didn’t know either until we look at the whole line-up of the festival. And that’s part of the festival, right: make some discovers, not only watching the big acts! The website of the Alcatraz mention them as a stoner/sludge/metalcore band. Many different genres. After listening to their songs, we’re more in a hardcore old-school vibes with some sludge indeed. We encourage you… to encourage them as they have the difficult task to launch the festival. Friday 10.45am on the Helldorado Stage, be there to support this Belgian band! But if it’s really not your think, have a look at the beginning of this article as we speak about April Art

Songs to listen to: The Palaces Of Devils And Wolves, A Tomb So Frail…

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