The 10 bands to not miss at Jera On Air 2022 !

After 2 editions cancelled, like 99% of the festivals in Europe, the Jera On Air is finally back on 23-24-25 June with a killer line-up. They bring the best of pop-punk, punk-rock, hardcore, metalcore and everything in between with old confirmed bands and new-comers. With more than 60 bands, we could list so many of them but we decide to focus here on 10 bands you don’t have to miss this year!

Every festival have their dreams. One or a few bands they hope to book one day. For the Hellfest, it was Metallica. For the Jera On Air, seems it was The Offspring. And this year is the good one: the famous punk-rock band will headline the second day. What a perfect way to finish a long day of festival by singing along legendary hits like Self Esteem, The Kids Aren’t Alright or Why Don’t You Get A Job?!

Songs to listen to: Pretty Fly, Self Esteem, You’re Gonna Go Far Kid, The Kids Aren’t Alright.

In a few years, they became of the biggest band in the metalcore area, even if they bring a lot of rock’n’roll vibes in their music. Caleb and their friends made a huge show at Jera On Air 2019 but due to a misunderstanding, they had to cut 10 minutes of their set. This mistake won’t be happening 2 times and they’re more than ready to play live their new album “Below” released on 25th June 2021. So they gonna celebrate the first birthday of their 4th full length on the Jera On Air Main Stage! How cool is that?!

Songs to listen to: In Between, Disease, The Past Is Dead, You Never Know.

The modern hardcore band from California is back! They’ll release their brand new album “Spectre” on July 29th through Ends Hit Records and the first official single, Weapon, is a banger. We can’t wait to get more and it’s certain they gonna play a few new songs this Summer. In 2018, they headlined the second stage with a killer show. With a stronger line-up this year, seems they’ll play earlier but whatever the stage they play, they always give all the energy they have, same for the audience. Don’t look more for the best melodic hardcore band in 2022: you get them!

Songs to listen to: Married To The Noise, Weapon, This Is More, Against Them All.

They are a punk-hardcore band but we’re wondering when they’re gonna play niche festivals like Jera On Air again! The hype around the American band and their latest album “Glow On” released in 2021 is so big they’re booked on almost all the biggest mainstream festivals worldwide this Summer: Rock Werchter, Lollapalooza, Glastonbury, Coachella… don’t miss the chance to see them this Summer!

Songs to listen to: Holiday, No Surprise, Alien Love Call, I Don’t Wanna Be Blind.

How can we speak about a festival with Knocked Loose on the line-up without speaking about them?! They never disappoint on live, their sets are always intense as hell, so is the pit! In only 2 albums and a few EP’s, they got their name known in the hardcore scene and beyond. After the Jera On Air, they’ll also headline the legandary Ieperfest in Belgium, proof of their actual success. Earlier this year, they had to tour in Europe with the mighty Terror as direct support: other proof of how big they became. Unfortunately, this tour got cancelled so don’t miss them at Jera On Air as they could be able to destroy the whole field in only a few minutes!

Songs to listen to: Counting Worms, God Knows, Mistakes Like Factures, Belleville.

If you like the band, you don’t have to miss them: the hype is real but even now, we’re still waiting to a proper tour in Europe. Every time they cross the ocean, they only play an handful of shows which are mainly festivals: Hellfest, Outbreak and then Jera On Air. Of the most promising hardcore bands right now. It gonna mosh hard!

Songs to listen to: Still Burning, Front Toward Enemy, Zeitgeist, Hanging From The Family Tree.

Slowly but surely they, step by step, Holding Absence mark their path. With their alternative rock sound and their newest album “The Greatest Mistake Of My Life”, they gonna deliver a strong set at Jera On Air this year and the biggest mistake of your life would be to miss them! Kerrang mentionned their album in their top 5 of 2021 and Loudwire in their top 10. If we had to do a top 10 as well, we would have put them in for sure!

Songs to listen to: Afterlife, In Circles, Like A Shadow, Gravity.

One of the few Belgian bands on the line-up: we had to mention them! Well, only if their music is good of course. But it’s the case here! A few Belgian bands have some great visibility since a few years: Brutus (whom did a great show at Jera On Air 2019), Slow Crush (on tour in the US soon), Fleddy Melculy (big hype in Belgium) and Rotzak also start to get their name known in Belgium and nearby! Be ready for your doze of rock’n’roll and support our Belgian boys on the Netherlands field!

Songs to listen to: The Big Leap, Sassy Frass, Sailing The Seas Of Consequence, Time Bomb.

They have been announced a few days ago to replace a few bands that had to cancel their Summer tour and so their appearance at Jera On Air 2022. Like the proverb says: the misfortune of some makes the happiness of others. It’s the case here for the prog metalcore act from the UK. The complexity and their sound is almost unique and you won’t find many bands like them with so many different things in a song and still keep it powerful as hell. They only released 2 studio albums so far but it’s enough to have plenty of great songs to play live for you!

Songs to listen to: Hansha, Escapist, Metamorph, Vultures And Sharks.

What if they won Eurovision? The German has such a big success already. In April, they sold out 2 times the Trix in Belgium, meaning they sold 2200 tickets! For a metalcore band, it doesn’t happen often at all! Since they released Hypa Hypa, they carrier has changed forever! Imagine I Prevail with an electro sound and they get Electric Callboy! They changed their names a few months ago from Eskimo Callboy to Electric Callboy because of many requests about racism in their name. But this change had zero consequences on their success. Wanna party at Jera On Air this summer? Mark Electric Callboy but also Crossfaith in your schedule!

Songs to listen to: Hypa Hypa, We Got The Moves, Dramaqueen, Hate/Love.

This is of course the top 10 bands we think you don’t have to miss! It’s always kind of subjective. And many other bands deserve your attention like Comeback Kid, August Burns Red, Get The Shot, The Hives, Jesus Piece or Spanish Love Songs. But we thought there were 10 great acts that deserved to be highlighted. Tell us which bands you’re looking forward to see the most!

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