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Against The Current puts Antwerp in fire!

Tonight was our first time at Kavka Zappa in 2022 and so our first show promoted by MCLX. And what a line-up for a first time: Against The Current, Yours Truly and Halflives. If you like this kind of music, it’s hard to find better! Basic proof: the show was soldout.

Around 7.30pm, Halflives had the hard work to warp-up the venue for AGT. And let’s be honest: seems they tried their best but unfortunately only an handful of people were really in the mood. The energy on stage didn’t help either: the voice of Linda is beautiful, the songs are great but we were missing some more energy and the sound wasn’t the best, especially on drums. The highlight of their 30 minutes set was definitely their semi-acoustic cover of Welcome To The Black Parade from My Chemical Romance. Hopefully we’ll be able to see them again in better conditions as they’ve the habit to tour a lot.

Set-list: Vibe, Mayday, Fugitive, Snake, Welcome To The Black Parade, Valkyrie, Rockstar Everyday, Victim.

Copyright: FreakMike Photography – Ctrl Alt Music – April 2022.

We were especially waiting the second act of the night: Yours Truly. As tonight was finally their first show ever in Belgium. As well as their first show in Mainland Europe! After one week of shows in UK, it was time for them to finally discover our beautiful country. And Antwerp is the best city for a first show. Their frontman Mikaela and her 3 friends were more than excited about this show: we got the chance to interview them earlier in the afternoon and it gonna be available online really soon.

The Australian band got only 30 minutes so they had to focus on their best song, like every support bands obviously. So we got 7 songs: 3 from their first full length album « Self Care », 2 of the singles they released recently including Walk Over My Grave which opened the show and, of course, 2 songs that created the success of Yours Truly: Circles and the huge High Hopes to end the show. The highlight of their set and one of the best songs of the whole night! This first time in Belgium was a success and we can’t wait to see them again! If not in Belgium, we’ll see them already next month at the Slam Dunk Festival in UK alongside many sick bands like Sum 41, Dropkick Murphys or Beartooth!

Set-list: Walk Over My Grave, Composure, Circles, Funeral Home, Siamese Souls, Lights On, High Hopes.

Copyright: FreakMike Photography – Ctrl Alt Music – April 2022.

Time for the headliner of this great evening: Against The Current! A band many people have discovered thanks to their many great covers on YouTube many years ago. But since 2 albums, they’ve succeeded to create their own identity, definitely more pop-rock than pop-punk, and they count on their own music to be the famous band they are now. Their front-woman Chrissy wasn’t sure but it was indeed their biggest headliner show in Belgium. 

This « Fever Tour » is a huge success as almost all the shows are soldout. And tonight was the case too as they were only 30 tickets available the day before. That’s for the good news. The bad news is that Chrissy was a bit sick so we got a shorter set-list from the UK leg of the tour as 4 songs have been removed including the great hit Paralyzed. Too bad!

Even with a great production, a great sound and a full-house, added to nice support acts, it took a few songs to have the audience really ready. The third song, Running With The Wild Things, helped to wake up the last fans. But not the parents of the youngest fans that were sitten next to the bar. It’s always fun to see parents coming with their kids because they’re too young to come alone (or need a car) but it’s really cool that some parents are ready to pay and stay at a show they don’t enjoy so their kids can have the time of their lives. So, big up dads and moms!

About the show itself, the level was great but we didn’t reach the roof: not really because the voice of the main singer wasn’t as her best – honestly we didn’t really notice it before she told us to start the encore – but more because of the people who sleep standing. More than 2 years without proper shows, tons of energy not used, but it wasn’t enough for some.

Set-list: They Won’t Save Us, Again & Again, Running With The Wild Things, Wildfire, Jump, Talk, Almost Forgot, Lullaby, Burn It Down, Voices, Gravity, Wasteland, Legends Never Die, Weapon. 

Without being the show of the year, it was a really great evening with bands happy for being here and some fans happy to finally see the bands again or for the first time – like us.

Copyright: FreakMike Photography – Ctrl Alt Music – April 2022.

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