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Ava Max: she conquered our heads and hearts in Brussels!

Ava Max finally played in Belgium with her “Finally On Tour”: she couldn’t have found a better name! Was she going to be as good live as she’s in studio? Aren’t there too much effects on the albums? We were awaiting all these answers tonight in a packed soldout Ancienne Belgique. Spoiler alert: it was even better than expected!

Before the star of the night, we had an opening act with Emlyn. The British singer was unknown for us before tonight but she had already lot of fans in the audience, from the floor to the balcony. This new alt-pop singer needed a few songs to convince the non-fans to be part of the show but before the end, a bigger part of the Ancienne Belgique aka the AB was in the mood. Only accompanied by a guitarist and therefore lot of backtracks, we felt sometimes a lack of energy they tried to compensate with a higher volume but we ended to have a sound not clear enough with too much bass. Too bad. Hopefully, next time, we’ll be able to see her on a headline show with a full band?

After this opening act and after some delay, the lights of the famous venue from Brussels went out to welcome the queen: Ava Max. Opening with Diamonds and Dancefloor followed by My Head and My Hearts, we had the feeling she wanted to start very strong with big hits. But the thing is her whole discography is already a hit. Obviously some songs got an even better reaction from the crowd but the average level was just insane!

Like the major part of artists nowadays, she plays with a backing track to add power to the show but sometimes it was a bit too loud. Which is a shame as she has such a beautiful and already powerful voice. It reminded us the show of Banks in the same place last year where it bothered us 90% of the show. Tonight for Ava Max, it bothered us less than 10% so it’s a good one.

On her hit Maybe You’re The Problem, she brought a lucky guy on stage to see the performance from the best seat. Only a third of the show but we had the feeling we were close to the end as the ambiance was so intense but like we said before, the average level was just very high the whole evening.

Throughout the show, Ava‘s energy never waned and she kept the audience engaged with her upbeat dance-pop anthems and engaging stage presence. The crowd sang along to hits like So Am I and Salt and she even performed an acoustic version of One Of Us that showcased her impressive vocal range. One of the highlights of the show was Not Your Barbie Girl, her modern version who gave an opposite lyrics of the original Your Barbie Girl. An highlight beaten by the last 3 songs: Million Dollar Baby and the 2 songs from the encore, Sweet But Psycho and The Motto.

Overall, Ava Max’s performance in Brussels was a triumph and a testament to her status as one of the most exciting pop stars of the moment. Her energy and passion were contagious, and the audience left the venue feeling uplifted and inspired. It’s clear that Ava Max is a force to be reckoned with, and her live shows are not to be missed. We can easely imagine her in a arena like Forest National or Lotto Arena for her next stop in Belgium!

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