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Alexisonfire got a new name: TrixOnFire!

After their first worldwide pandemic ever and their first album in 13 years, Alexisonfire were back in Belgium for an headliner show at Trix on this cold Monday 24 October 2022. No fire visible on stage but the fire was inside of them. And us! Throwback to a lovely evening with support from Higher Power and Boston Manor!

We had to brave the storm to arrive at the Trix yesterday. Maybe it’s a consequence, maybe not. But the show started later than the schedule said. Monday evening added to the shitty weather and to the fact it was the opening act, Higher Power didn’t have a lot of people in front of them. And not motivated at all. Too bad. Maybe too hardcore for the crowd?! Anyway, they didn’t loose their formation and tried their best with songs like Sheeding Skin or Seamless ass ending track. The audience warmed up a bit but nothing spectacular. Just enough to dry out and get ready for the main support: Boston Manor.

Higher Power @ Trix – 24 October 2022 // FreakMike Photography for Ctrl Alt Music.

During the last couple of years, the British came very often in Belgium but always as opening act for great acts. This Summer, we saw them opening for Neck Deep at Kavka Zappa. In 2019, we discovered them when they opened for Good Charlotte at the Ancienne Belgique. Or for Four Year Strong for their first Belgian show early 2017 at De Klinker Club in Aarschot. That being said, after many years of intense touring, they have now a solid fanbase in Belgium. We saw lot of t-shirts from the band in the crowd – but still less than Alexisonfire‘s t-shirts obviously.

Third show in Belgium in 2022 for them after so the opening for Neck Deep and their successful set at Graspop at few days before. This time, they are here in promote their brand new concept album “Datura” released 10 days ago. And there are a lot of fans in the first rows ready to enjoy the energetic show of the band. Because, yes, they might be mostly known as a the pop-punk band, they definitely have some hardcore vibes, providing always a strong set! And like Pup actually on tour in Europe and present in Brussels on the same night, they could have a great spot on When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas. But the schedule make them playing in Antwerp: which is of course better for us!

Sadly, like Higher Power, the crowd isn’t a lot more in the mood… More people in the venue, yes. More fans of the band, yes. More energy all around, yes. But still, not enough to have the general “waouh” effect of this show. The catchy Passenger, Funeral Party or Crocus waked up a bit the crowd while You Me And The Class War brought finally the first small moshpit. But at least, we finished on a good vibe with their already classic Halo (not to be confused with the Machine Head song)! Finished on a good note is the most important as it’s why we’ll all remember the most. Based on that, it’s pretty sure Boston Manor won a few fans tonight and we’re looking forward to see them playing again a proper headliner show in Belgium next year… before doing some festivals again?!

Set-list: Carbon Mono, Desperate Pleasures, Passenger, Crocus, England’s Dreaming, Funeral Party, You Me And The Class, Floxglove, Halo.

Higher Power @ Trix – 24 October 2022 // FreakMike Photography for Ctrl Alt Music.

If the show from Higher Power started a little bit later than scheduled, the guys from Alexisonfire arrived earlier on stage, which is not something we’ll complain at all! The same happened on the Thrice show 2 days ago at the same place and it’s always cool because : 1. You’re waiting less to see the band you’re waiting for; 2. You can go home a little bit earlier, which is appreciated when you’ve to catch the last train!

From the first notes of Accident, we knew we gonna have a blast! We saw Alexisonfire live when they headlined Slam Dunk early June and we were looking forward to see them on a smaller inside show: mission already accomplished here.

Quickly after the 2 sick opening songs, we already have a new song called Sans Soleil. A French name for the French-speaking fans here, that’s cool. The first songs released from the band since “Old Crowns / Young Cardinals” in 2009. Even if they got a great response from the crowd, all the old ones were the most expected! From the obvious Crisis to Happiness By The Kilowatt that closed the show tonight. Blue Spade and Sweet Of Dreams Of Otherness are the 2 other new songs played and they fit well in the set-list but a part of the fans still don’t know them. Or like them less.

The climax of the show and so the evening was definitively Happiness By The Kilowatt with a short cover of When Doses Cry. I’m not sure we can count the level of happiness in the venue – or anywhere else – in Kilowatt but whatever could be the scale, it was for sure really high!

Set-list: Accidents, Boiled Frogs, Sans Soleil, Pulmonary, Sweet Of Dreams Of Otherness, Crisis, Blue Spade, The Northern, Dog’s Blood, Young Cardinals, This Could Be Anywhere In The World, Happiness By The Kilowatt.

During 1h, the Canadian veterans of post-hardcore proved they’re back stronger than ever and we can still count on them for many years to come! Hopefully we’ll see them again during festivals – Jera On Air and Graspop – this Summer and enjoy the old as much as the new stuff!

Higher Power @ Trix – 24 October 2022 // FreakMike Photography for Ctrl Alt Music.

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