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Electric Callboy in Antwerp: the hypa is real!

The new metalcore sensation Electric Callboy played their very first arena show in Belgium, the 2nd ever after their own Escalation Fest in Oberhausen. The proof the hype around them is real and they confirmed it with an insane live show! Could they be part of the next-gen of festival headliners like Graspop?!

2020, June 19th. This date will only remind bad memories for lot of people. It was a time when we were supposed to enjoy festivals and the Summer. Not looking to get a normal life again after a 2 month lockdown. But at least one cool thing happened that day: a German band called Eskimo Callboy (or Electric Callboy ?) released a strange, fun but different and powerful new single called Hypa Hypa. That day, they don’t know their life will change forever. That day, we didn’t knew we gonna love this band so much. But it was just a beginning…

During a bit more than 2 years, the Electric Callboy mania have grown day after day! September 2021, they released We Got The Moves. In December 2021, Pump It. All huge success. A few singles later, they are back in Belgium to play at Trix. Not at the Club but in the Main Room. Not once but 2 evenings in row. Both being soldout! And their new album isn’t even released yet… It only happened in September 2022 but it was worth is: “Tekkno” is a masterpiece and in the top 5 – at least – of the metal releases of the year next to Bad Omens and Lorna Shore!

Holding Absence @ Lotto Arena – Antwerp – 2 March 2023 // FreakMike Photography for Ctrl Alt Music.

To open this first arena show ever, Electric Callboy brought 2 nice bands: Future Palace and Holding Absence. Due to administrative delay, we missed Future Palace but we arrived on time to enjoy Holding Absence‘s set! Well, we wanted to enjoy it as much as possible but sadly for them, the sound wasn’t good at all in the Lotto Arena. I felt empty as f*ck and we barely heard guitar and bass. It sounds more like a drums/vocal duet. Both sounded great but without at least some guitar riffs, it wasn’t easy to get in the mood. Thanks to Lucas great vocals, we still enjoyed the classics like Gravity, Coffin or the massive Afterlife!

Fortunately, the fans there still enjoyed their show and we got some moshpits so we got a decent warm-up for Electric Callboy but we hoped to something better. Not their fault here: bands like Static Dress or A Day To Remember got the same sound issues 2 days before on the Post Human European Tour of Bring Me The Horizon. We hope to see them again soon on a headline tour where we’ll be able to enjoy their music in good conditions!

Set-list: Celebration, Curse Me With Your Kiss, Like A Shadow, Gravity, Aching Longing, Nomoreroses, Coffin, Afterlife.

Electric Callboy @ Lotto Arena – Antwerp – 2 March 2023 // FreakMike Photography for Ctrl Alt Music.

It’s 9pm and it’s time to welcome the stars of the evening, the biggest metal sensation since Heaven Shall Burn and the biggest metal success worldwide since Rammstein. Ladies and gentlemen: Electric Callboy! A huge stage production, LED screens everywhere, different steps of stage and a drummer high in the sky, lights going everywhere, confettis and pyro: no doubt, the 6 German boys entered in a new dimension with this 2023 Arena version of the Tekkno World Tour!

Obviously, it’s on a new song they launched the show, after a funny introduction on the screen: Tekkno Train. We definitely are on the Hype Train of Electric Callboy (got the Twitch reference?)! In case you missed it, they released the video clip for this song just the day before the show in Antwerp. So it’s all fresh in our minds (if needed). But even that, it took a few songs for the audience to be fully in the mood to party and mosh the whole evening. But when it’s started, it kept going hard until the very last note.

Going through their whole discography, we have some old songs like Best Day (“Crystal”), Supernova (“Rehab”) or The Scene (“The Scene”), especially if the first part of the show. A way to prove to their old-school fans – meaning the people who knew them before the release of Hypa Hypa 3 years ago – they didn’t forget them! Anyway. These songs still have very good reaction from the whole Lotto Arena.

We would lied if we say it was hard to pick the highlights from this show. The whole 90 minutes were insane and proved Electric Callboy are one of the biggest metal bands now as well as confirmed that they are really good live. Things we already knew after their shows at both Slam Dunk and Jera On Air festivals last Summer. Because the highlights of the evening are easy to find: Hypa Hypa when nobody in the arena stayed still, the huge We Got The Moves to end this perfect night and… I Want It That Way in between. Yes, it’s a cover but so well done and perfectly in the Electric Callboy‘s style: during a cover medley 100% cliché but 0% ridiculous, with this beautiful fake red piano, they performed this hit from the Backstreet Boys that Nico sang so well! And of course, whole the venue sang it too. Who doesn’t know this song?!

Set-list: Tekkno Train, MC Thunder II, Hate/Love, The Scene, Castrop X Spandau, Supernova, Arrow Of Love, Mindreader, Best Day, Drum Solo, Hypa Hypa, Fuckboy, Careless Whisper, When You Say Nothing At All, Let It Go, I Want It That Way, Hurrikan, Paraside, MC Thunder. Encore: Pump It, Spaceman, We Got The Moves.

Electric Callboy proved during 1h30 they have the perfect live show to play in the biggest spots on major festivals! It’s just a matter of time before we see them playing late at Graspop Metal Meeting. Until there, we’ll remember this sick show during a long time!

Electric Callboy @ Lotto Arena – Antwerp – 2 March 2023 // FreakMike Photography for Ctrl Alt Music.

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