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Pvris and Charlotte Sands: girls power at Kavka Zappa!

January 2023, the beginning of the year but also slowly the end of the many tours being rescheduled many times due to the pandemic. The Kavka Zappa is once again the place to be. This time, MCLX brought Pvris back for their headliner tour to promote their last album “Use Me” and also a part of the upcoming album n°4!

To open this night, Pvris invited Charlotte Sands. It’s a small thing to say we were looking forward to finally see her live! She’s been on tour since some times now but tonight was her debut live in our country. It’s thanks to Tik Tok that she became famous worldwide during the first year of the pandemic and she’s surfing on this revival vibe of pop-punk that many pop artists combine perfectly. Well, some artists try to too and only a small part succeed to make it well. Charlotte Sands is one of them and she proved tonight we should hear about her during a long time if she succeed to stay productive and not too cliché. Sadly for her, there weren’t that many people in the venue for her yet. But for a first time in Belgium, it was better than expected!

On the European leg, Charlotte Sands is the only support so a quick change over and it’s already time for us to welcome Pvris on the stage of the Kavka Zappa. Lynn Gunn hasn’t always been the best live singer: the last show from the band in Belgium before the pandemic was a deception for us. But not tonight! Seems this long break from intense tour has been beneficial for her. Stronger than ever, more front-woman than ever as the band is now officially a duo (with touring members), she gave us the performance we expected from her: sometimes powerful as f*ck, sometimes more sensitive, but always with her unique musical tone.

It’s even more sad to see than not so much people showed up to see them. Their debut album “White Noise” seems to still be their bigger success. The second one, “All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell”, didn’t have the same success even if we think it’s insane. The third one, “Use Me”, took the biggest part of the setlist tonight: 6 songs. While the singles released since then are all played: 5 in total. Like we say in French: “Les absents ont toujours tort”!

The hip-hop influences from the latest album “Use Me” gave to Pvris a new and fresh start. Gimme A Minute is already a classic. The punchy Use Me should stay in the setlist a long time too. Like many artists, with the time, the band became less powerful in their writing looking for different stuff and the willing to try something new. They’ll maybe never write again songs like Fire or My House but the positive thing is they can still play it loud. Played during the encore, My House stays their biggest single and was without any doubt the highlight from tonight show!

Set-list: Animal, Monster, Mirrors, Dead Weight, Gimme A Minute, What’s Wrong, Fire, Old Wounds, My Way, Anywhere But Here, You And I, Use Me, Death Of Me // Encore: Goddess, My House, Hallucinations.

During 1h15, Pvris brought us along the journey the’ve followed the last 10 years. From the power hits from the debut album to their more recent and experimental stuff. A successful and lovely evening that we’ll remember as their best show in Belgium… until the next one when the album number 4 will be released?! We hope so!

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