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Trash Boat in Paris: better than Emily in Paris?

Trash Boat is a very busy band in 2022-2023. Long Summer run this year with festivals, small headline shows and sick opening spots. Then tour with Enter Shikari in Fall. Then tour with I Prevail back in Europe early next year. This time, it was a small headliner show in the capital of love, Paris.

If you’ve seen the Netflix serie “Emily in Paris”, you’ve seen many clich├ęs about the French capital. But have you seen some underground, deep, dark, punk, local shows? Spoiler alert: unfortunately not. But still. There are a lot of shows – obviously – but more surprising: many with a really good atmosphere! We were in Paris for a couple of days to attend the comeback show of The Ghost Inside at Elysee Montmartre. And this show with Thrash Boat and As Everything Unfolds was the perfect warmup.

The show was supposed to be headlined by Creeper but due to technical issues with their van, they were not able to arrive in Paris on time. Sadly. They’re cursed this Summer. They already had to cancel other shows due to vehicule issues. Like many bands… Check out Stick To Your Guns stories on Instagram, you’ll always see they have tons of problems with their vehicules (from small vans to tourbus), even in Europe or in the USA.

We arrived just on time to catch the show from As Everything Unfolds. First time we saw them. And not the last one! They’re one the most promising bands in the post-hardcore / pop-punk area right now. Not a surprise if they were at Graspop this year! During about 30 minutes, we danced on the powerful tracks from the British band. Big up to Charlie Rolfe who looks so calm but provides a powerful sing and scream between! Imagine the dark side of Against The Current with even more groove and you got an idea of how As Everything Unfolds sounds. Keep on eye on them!

Set-list: Take Me There, Hiding From Myself, Stay, Grayscale, Wallow, On The Inside.

The headliner of this cosy show on Monday evening was so Trash Boat. First time we saw the band since 2017. A show we didn’t enjoy at all: a bland and unremarkable concert. But it was the beginning of the band and many things have happened since then. Especially in 2021 when they released their 3rd full-length album “Don’t You Feel Amazing ?!” on Hopeless Records (like the 2 before). This is a real career-changing with hits like He’s So Good, Silence Is Golden or Don’t You Feel Amazing. But sounding great on a studio album is a one thing. Sounding great live is another one. But other spoiler alert: they kicked ass tonight!

During about one hour, they delivered a strong set in front of an hundred of people. Not that much but still better than anything in this busy period. If they started the show shyly – still needed to warmup a bit -, they have slowly but surely grown in power. Tobi Duncan was on fire from the first to last song but the rest of the band, the sound and the crowd has still to gain a few levels to make this night a great night.

During the whole set, through his lyrics and speeches between songs, Tobi spoke about strong topics: the LGBTQ+ in our actual society, the issue of be ourselves and find our own identity, the fact to be categorized in a box and not being able to express ourselves as much as we’d love to. It’s great to see a musician so involved and using his platform to share strong and positive messages. Trash Boat finished their set with a strong song too: He’s So Good, the new big single of the British band. The one that will help (and already did) to get a way bigger success. In 2021, when they released their song, they made a special merchandising and all the profit as being donated to the LGBTQ+ young charity group AKT. A powerful song that everybody knows already well in the audience. The highlight of the whole evening and the best way to end this show!

It was sad to hear Creeper cancelled the show on the day itself as it was our main reason to attend the show but we surprisingly got a sick time by (re)discovering Trash Boat who gonna be our crush of this Summer! The band will be back in Belgium on 14 March 2023 at Trix opening for I Prevail!

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