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Landmvrks brought the Creature tour to Antwerp!

This Friday evening we’re at the Kavka Zappa for Landmvrks. They started earlier this month their biggest headliner tour with a lot of soldout shows in Europe. To open this amazing evening; Guilt Trip, Like Moths To Flames and The Devil Wears Prada are supporting Landmvrks.

Half an hour after the opening of the doors it’s time for Guilt Trip to open up this evening. Starting straight into the openingsriffs of Fallen At My Feeth followed by Surrounded By Pain. The audience is waking up and te first moshpits are taking place. They know that their time is limited and asked the audience to set the place on fire since their space on stage is limited. Ending their set with the banger Thin Ice now it’s time for a few minutes of break. Guilt Trip put in a solid performance during their 30 minutes set time.

Set-list: Fallen At My Feet – Surrounded By Pain – Sweet Dreams – Eyes Wide Shut – Severance – Guilt Trip – Tearing Your Life Away – Broken Wings – Thin Ice

Guilt Trip – 17/05/2024 – Kavka Zappa // Audrey Chanteux for CtrlAltMusic

Second band of this evening is Like Moths To Flames, they’re finally back in Belgium after more than 8 years! Starting their set with Angels Weep,from their new album The Cycles Of Trying To Cope. For their second song they’re taking us back to 2020 and their album No Eternity In Gold with Habitual Decline. The whole crowd started singing along. Before moving on tot heir next song Chris is asking the audience to move around since he feels like a bird in a cage due to the small place on stage. Continuing with their setlist between a mix of old and new songs.

Set-list: Angels Weep – Habitual Decline – Kintsugi – The Anatomy of Evil – The Preservation of Hate – I Solemnly Swear – Bury Your Pain

As soon as the special 2000 electro waiting list ends, The Devil Wears Prada enters the stage grouped under heavy and saturated samples. Their entrance starts with Watchtower. The setlist chosen by The Devil Wears Prada for this evening in Antwerp mainly represents their latest album Color Decay with their songs Salt, Hallucinate, Sacrifice, Watchover and Broken.

It is also with great pleasure that we discover the live version of their brand new single entitled Ritual. The highlight of the evening goes to their song Chemical. Finally, and to end this explosive set in style, Mike literally opens the pit in two on Sacrifice for a gigantic wall of death that will wreak havoc on the angriest among us. TDWP performed a flawless set hitting all the marks for a successful show!

Set-list: Watchtower – Danger: Wildman – Salt – Broken – Ritual – Reasons – Hallucinate – Outnumbered – Chemical – Sacrifice

The Devil Wears Prada – 17/05/2024 – Kavka Zappa // Audrey Chanteux for CtrlAltMusic

Now we are hot and sweaty to welcome the legends of this evening: Landmvrks! The lights go out, the tension is at its peak. The huge luminous V logo on the backdrop comes to life at the same time as the ‘Maniac’ soundtrack sounds. Landmvrks enters the scene with Florent Salfati in the lead.

Giving its name to this tour, Creature, the latest single from Landmvrks, turns everything in its path upside down. The backbone of the evening’s setlist revolves mainly around their latest studio album, Lost In The Waves. With tracks such as  Death, Say No World, Tired of It All, Lost In A Wave, Self-Made Black Hole and Rainfall.

A true island of calm in the middle of all those moshpits and crowdsurfers, Florent begins to play alone with his acoustic guitar  to play Suffocate before the title mutates into metalcore with the return of his bandmates. Including a few old ones like Scars and ‘Blistering, we also go back in time to Hollow that we don’t hear so much often live.

Landmvrks having established itself in France and Europe as the most popular metalcore group of the moment.

Set-lift: Creatures – Death – Blistering – Say No Word – Visage – Tired Of It All – Scars – Suffocate – Hollow – Rainfall – Lost In A Wave – Self-Made Black Hole.

LANDMVRKS – 17/05/2024 – Kavka Zappa // Audrey Chanteux for CtrlAltMusic

As expected, the evening lived up to its promises, and Landmvrks proved that they are at the top of their game! The perfomances were of high quality tonight. All the bands performed an amazing set with a lack of energy.

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