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Starset delivered an incredible apocalyptic show at the Trix

So, here we are at the Muziekcentrum Trix venue for another banger show. Starset is closing their Horizons tour in Antwerp tonight, with Smash Into Pieces as the opening act.

The Swedish Smash Into Pieces mixes metal with mainstream rock is opening the evening tonight. The room is almost fully crowded to watch their set. They had an interesting start; a LED panel stood in front of The Apocalypse DJ’s drum kit. The entrance of their apocalypse DJ drummer with his luminous mask, just like his drumsticks, has its effect, which certainly caught the eye of the crowd. The five gentlemen managed to put on a great show in the half hour they had been given. Starting their set with ‘Wake Up’, one of the best known singles. During their set the energy kept going. Playing a mix of songs from their albums “Rise And Shine”, “A New Horizon” and “Arcadia“. The 5 gentleman were gratefull to close the tour in Antwerp. Closing their set with “Boomerang” was an absolute banger.

Smash Into Pieces @ Trix – Antwerp – 25 March 2023 // FreakMike Photography for CtrlAltMusic

20H45, here we are, the lights are turning out for the last time this evening. It’s finally time for Starset! Three years after their last visit to Muziekcentrum Trix in 2020. The crowd is very impatient. The Americans known for their spatial universe continue tonight. Waiting in the dark with a stage hided by a cloth where they start a little video for far 1 minute. The first notes of “Carnivore” are starting, the cloth is getting down and there the show starts for real. The games of smoke and lights support the desired atmosphere.

After “Carnivore” they take us with them to some songs of their latest album Divisions. Playing the songs “MANIFEST”, “ECHO” and “TRIALS”. Switching from their latest album Divisions to Horizons and Vessels with such a bangers as Unbecoming and Monster.Going back in time with ‘It Has Begun’ from their album Transmission. During this song, the back screens film and reproduce the musicians present on stage.

Starset temporarily leaves the stage after It Has Begun. A countdown has begun with a visual and musical interlude. After a 5 minutes the interlude and countdown are over, the band returns with their initial costume on stage. The musicians enter dressed as cosmonauts, spacesuits with lights on their heads. They’re launching back the public into the song Satellite from their album Vessels,, and they go on with Ricochet from that same one.

Starset @ Trix – Antwerp – 25 March 2023 // FreakMike Photography for CtrlAltMusic

Leaving the album “Vessels”, we’re heading back to their latest albums Horizons with such songs as INFECTED – THE BREACH – DEVOLUTION and EARTHRISE. Almost a third of the setlist is dedicated this new album.

Closing their set the unbeatable hit ‘My Demons’. The crowd also noticed the bassist was missing on stage. He played bass and sang from the backstage to also perform the whole set.

Setlist: Carnivore, MANIFEST, ECHO, TRIALS, ICARUS, Unbecoming, Monster, It Has Begun, Interlude, Satellite, Ricochet, INFECTED, THE BREACH, Die for You, DEVOLUTION, EARTHRISE, My Demons.

During almost 90 minutes of their set, Starset confirmed how big they became and how amazing their shows are. Not only by the amazing sounds that were performed but also the entertainment of the lightshows, their costumes and the backscreens filming their performances and showing of lyrics by times. It was a succesfull evening with bands happy to close their tour in Antwerp, Belgium and for being back in our country after 3 years.

Starset @ Trix – Antwerp – 25 March 2023 // FreakMike Photography for CtrlAltMusic

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