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Lollapalooza Paris 2022: the 5 best shows

Lollapalooza Paris

Like every festivals, the Lollapalooza Paris didn’t happen in 2020 and 2021. But they’re back in 2022 with a strong line-up: Pearl Jam, David Guetta, Imagine Dragons, Asap Rocky, Maneskin and many more. We attend the festival on the first day so here’s our top 5 of the day!

We didn’t know what to expect. Especially after this long and hot day. The initial plan was to stay for the first 3 songs… we ended seeing the whole show because it was so good! Literally on fire every 2 songs, the French DJ delivers a strong show with tons of famous remix and the whole audience was in the mood. So were we! It was exceptionnal LollaParis succeed to bring him on the festival as he’s been playing every year at Tomorrowland… but not this year. And he proved them they made the good choice!

It was the 3rd time we saw them after Rock Werchter and in Lyon opening for Bring Me The Horizon so we knew what to expect from the band. Not from the festival audience. But even if it wasn’t a metal/heavy public, there were lot of people interested to make it a party: circle-pit and small pit during almost 1h, everybody enjoyed it – even EnjoyPhoenix on the stage-side. They spot on this festival was strange on the paper but a good thing for them at the end with the heaviest show of the day (festival ?).

A metalhead becoming a DJ? Looks promising. Also known as a great producer (Papa Roach, Fever 333, Ice Nine Kills…), he’s not a classic DJ! Singing, screaming, going to the barrier singing with the fans, he delivers us a strong set between dubstep and metal with some remixes of Linkin Park and many more of his influences. The best discover of the day and we can’t wait to see him again live! We also meet him again a bit later that day… in the pit during Fever 333!

They were not on our planning but on our way to the Main Stages, we heard them and stayed there for almost the whole show! This British glam/hard-rock band has influences we can easely reckon: Aerosmith, Rolling Stones or The Darkness. But without sounding too cliché. They bring a modern touch to their music and it was a really great moment with an audience who really liked it. By the way, big up to the public of Lollapalooza who gave a warm welcome to all the artists – that we have seen – even if they’re in rock, heavy or EDM music.

The American rock band was one of the main reasons we travelled to Paris after their sick show at Rock Wercher 2 weeks earlier. Unfortunately it wasn’t as good as expected because of the very bad and low sound. We weren’t really far away from the stage and still we didn’t hear it very well. Looking around us, there weren’t lot of speakers… The 2 classic around the stage, one near the sound-desk and that’s it. For a festival of this size, it’s a weird and bad choice. After half of the show, the sound started to become a bit better but it was still a bit bad. We succeed to enjoy well the end of the show with the beautiful cover of Forever Young (Alphaville cover), Enemy or their biggest hit Radioactive started on piano. They proved once again they now have the success and the size to headline the biggest festivals in the world. Hopefully, next time, the festival will provide a better sound but it wasn’t really the band’s fault this time!

Lollapalooza Paris is a festival we really enjoyed but the field should be bigger or better built with more bars and food stands. That’s being said, we had the chance to see some sick shows and we hope to come back in 2023! This top 5 is our very own, we all don’t see the same shows or like the same: tell us your top 5 in the comments!

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