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Recap of the “We Are Open!” at Trix !

This year again, Trix opens up to Belgian culture! On the program we have punk, RnB, neo-soul and we were spoiled !

How good it is to come back to this beautiful establishment ! The time to enjoy the beauty of the merch, the fans of different horizons that we find Mia Lena ! The young singer from Brussels had the heavy task to open the ball at the bottom of the stairs. With a pleasant sound quality, the audience fills up well in front of the duo. With the recent single “…questions, Mia Lena shines as she mixes French and English in her songs, even speaking in Dutch to the audience. A few glimpses of her upcoming project and a show all in sensuality, the singer succeeds in making us dream ! She even manages to move us deeply on this tribute to her father. Mixing influences RNB, hiphop or still bedroom pop, the bar is set high after this breathtaking discovery. We had the honor to meet her to ask her some questions … Stay tuned !

Blu Samu at We Are Open 2023 (Trix) – 10 February 2023 // FreakMike Photography for Ctrl Alt Music.

The big room opens its doors to us to find Blu Samu. After an intimist project that we really liked, we find the smiling belgo-portuguese with a band ! A beautiful opening for a set mixing novelties and classic of the rising star of pop. She laughs, she sings, she dances, Blu shines of thousand fires and with her final with Douceur , we are conquered by the singer who passes the levels as she breaths.

After a try to see Marcel, the sound issues unfortunately made us flee for Meltheads. The young local band starts late due to technical problems that annoyed the leader of the band, apparently very upset. In front of a full room and ready to fight, the hype quickly fell down… f the band is one of the beautiful discoveries of 2023, the live feels like choreography and some fake punk staging, far from the original spirit of the style. It is not enough to imitate Johhnie Rotten to be the guy and the gig is unfortunately spoiled by this spirit of “show”… This is not putting in profit their good music. The public is nevertheless pleased and if the show is not a bad one it is still disappointing for such a nice surprise… See you tomorrow!


Tuff Guac at We Are Open 2023 (Trix) – 11 February 2023 // FreakMike Photography for Ctrl Alt Music.

Happy to return to this small festival, we discover Sweats, a suprising opening with an angry techno sublimated by the energetic voices of the two singers. With a cover of Naïef from Meltheads, enough to delight those who were there yesterday ! The sequel will go through the bar with Tuff Guac. Cowboy-garage-pop group (if it exists), the band offered us an original set, a little more developed than a simple revival and we took a real pleasure in (re)discovering them through a set marked by sound issues but a real desire to make the crowd dance. They came in large numbers for this original Flemish project. Special mention for the cover of Otis Redding who will have launched our first wiggles. The sequel happens upstairs with Annabel Lee. And we get what we pay for. A melancholy and energetic show by the trio will remind us that their presence was so important at this event. A short and effective show that keeps us on our toes for the rest of this daring project!

We were able to ask them a few questions that will follow shortly. The last pleasure of the evening will be the beautiful K.Zia! This rising star of neo-soul came in beautiful company to sing us his guts with his stories of love, of personal reconstruction, all in a mystical benevolence and with a voice and a group that are simply angelic. She even made us sing on I Got Your Back, in a meditative communion that will bring us in softness back to Brussels

K.Zia at We Are Open 2023 (Trix) – 11 February 2023 // FreakMike Photography for Ctrl Alt Music.

What did we think of this event ?
It’s a great tour de force from the Trix to have managed to stall so many good bands in two days and we’re not going to lie to you, we regret not having been able to see more. Through different styles, different universes, we were able to have a very nice panel of the present and especially the future of the Belgian scene, between Walloons, Flemish and Brussels. Despite some technical problems and rather short concerts, we are delighted with this great support for this scene that is close to our hearts and we are already curious to see what the future holds for our flat country.

Thank you to the Trix, the teams and the artists for having been able to offer us two days of very beautiful musi.

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