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Scarxlrd at Botanique: king of trap metal?

June 11th. Botanique. Brussels. Marius Lucas Antonio Listhrop is playing in the capital of Belgium. Don’t know him? He’s one of the pioneers of trap metal! Maybe you know him more by his stage name: Scarxlrd. On this evening, he literally smashed the venue into pieces!

The last few days, we thought this show won’t be happening and will be postponed once again. Due to bus issues, his tour has been shortened. Then the opening act had to cancel very last-minute. Luckely for us: the show in Brussels is one of the non-cancelled shows and they find a local support for the show. The Show Must Go On!

Kleine Crack had so the hard work to warm-up the crowd for Scarxlrd. Maybe a small crack for a few people but not for everyone. Not moving a lot on stage, this show sounds to be very cold. If the star of the night has the ability to mix some genres of music, it’s not the case here with them being very classic in the rap style. A small “pit” was opened with a few motivated people but not enough to make more people move and the 30 minutes seemed very long to us.

Scarxlrd @ Botanique – Brussels – 12 June 2022 // FreakMikePhotography for CtrlAltMusic.

About 30 minutes later and a stage-over to prepare the big screen on stage, it was time to welcome Scarxlrd on stage. After that a virtual voice asked us, very gently, to enter into his experience. But it was not needed: the entire audience was already in the mood to have a killer time and move as much as possible. The first song even started that the whole crowd was already opening a pit, singing, jumping and also, essential in 2022, filming with their smartphone.

Every 4 songs (maybe less sometimes), the venue went fully dark to enjoy the sequence launched on the screen. We could have think it’s a bad idea to have so many cuts and so the energy getting down in the crowd… but it was so welcome: it was so fuckin’ hot in the venue, any short break were welcome to be ready to enjoy again a few songs before another short break. Not only the audience needed a break, Scarxlrd himself also needed a break. Singing, jumping, screaming, running: the stage is his and seems so small for him. But more than a singer, he’s more a performer tonight. With so many backing tracks, he’s there to make sure the audience have the time of their life and enjoy a big party, whatever it takes.

The initial schedule announced Scarxlrd was going to play a bit less than 1h. He played for about 1h20. It’s a miracle we all hold on until the end. Lot of energy drinks maybe?! Or something else… anyway. We had the chance to hear so many of his singles: as young as his career may be, he already has a lot of albums and songs to offer!

We don’t know if Scarxlrd is really the pionnier of trap metal but one thing for sure: he’s a beautiful ambassador of this new genre! He gave to the Botanique all the energy he got and the crowd gave it back to him x1000! What a show. What a night. And we can’t wait to see him in a bigger venue for a bigger party!

Have a look on the full gallery of Scarxlrd at Botanique !

Scarxlrd @ Botanique – Brussels – 12 June 2022 // FreakMikePhotography for CtrlAltMusic.

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