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TR/ST bring Berghain back to Botanique

The Canadian artist was eagerly awaited for an almost sold out show on this Sunday, and we were not disappointed.

Long black leather jacket and makeup around the piercings, it looks like a club as Movulango launches its show. The Brussels artist who is beginning to make himself known offers us a reasonably nice synth-voice and sometimes guitar show. A voice not highlighted enough in our opinion but the job is well done, special mention for the beautiful cover of Breed by Nirvana, synth version !

Without being a monstrous slap, we are ready for the sequel which promises to be strong in emotions. Coming back from the shadows recently, the TR/ST project which mixes cold wave, synthwave and new wave (if you like useless labels I can add witch house) hadn’t returned to Belgium for a while . In the shadow of media success, TR/ST has a significant impact on the underground electronic scene, notably through a superb KEXP, highlighting a catalog rich in emotions if not varied in sound.

We find in this show a dimension alla Depeche Mode, not very far from Dave Gahan,. The showman connects the jumps with his deep voice, all in a bluffing professionalism. A few feedback problems will spoil the show, which is nevertheless so qualitative, but nothing will get us out of this dark trance that the well-executed discography of TR/ST can bring us.

Sometimes standing on the voice, sometimes behind the synths for refined versions of his hits, Robert assures, communicates through music and moves a room that has come to party in his nihilist lyrics. At the first notes of Sulk, the audience cheers and the party takes off in the strobes and flashes, which bring us back to a cold night in which we were already prepared by TR/ST, a very beautiful musical and scenic slap.

Thanks to The Botanique for this amazing night !

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