Acres Unleashes New Song “Into Flames” and Unveils Details for New Album “Burning Throne”

Acres Into Flames Burning Throne
Press Photo – Copyright : Ashlea Bea

The English post-hardcore band Acres has just unveiled a new song and revealed details of their second studio album, “Burning Throne.” Accompanied by a video directed by Lewis Cater (known for works with All Time Low, Hot Milk, Sum 41), “Into Flames” stands as the third track from the upcoming album. Regarding the song, singer Ben Lumber states:

“Into Flames is about having everything you love getting taken away from you. During the pandemic everyone’s life was turned upside down and this song is about the fear of the unknown, wondering if things will ever be as they were”.

Set to release on March 3, 2023, via A Wolf At Your Door Records, ‘Burning Throne’ continues the trajectory from 2019’s ‘Lonely World’. The album is already open for pre-order here. Alex Freeman, the band’s guitarist, provides insight into the album’s creation process.

“I am extremely proud of this record but making it wasn’t easy. I had to teach myself how to write on my own again. And knowing that it was all on me was pretty unnerving. But I feel like that pressure of the record and the frustration of being secluded due to the pandemic allowed me to create a vibe that I’ve wanted Acres to explore for a long time, and I’m really stoked with the outcome”.

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