Arlo Parks drops “Devotion” single

Arlo Parks "Devotion"
Arlo Parks in “Devotion” Music Video

Only two days remain before the long-awaited release of Arlo Parks‘ new album, “My Soft Machine”. We’ve already been able to discover four singles from the album before its launch, and the singer has just unveiled a fifth and final teaser.

She had already mentioned her love for rock music, especially My Bloody Valentine, but with “Devotion,” Arlo pays tribute to all the 90s rock bands that have influenced her. On Facebook, the singer commented on the release of “Devotion”.

The music that I first fell in love with was 90s rock music, the flannel shirts and low slung guitars, the sweat, the angst, hair blurring head down smashing the drums. White Pony, Melon Collie And The Infinite Sadness, Nevermind, I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One, the Blue album, The Bends – I could go on forever…as a little 15 year old kid that was the music that set my heart ablaze. I wanted to draw from that energy, the speed and the openheartedness of it all. Thank you to my favourites Romil Hemnani, Baird and Paul Epworth for being my band. Thank you to my music video directors Joel Barney, SonderFilms, Ali Raymond and thank you SiriusXMSiriusXM Alt Nation for the first play. Devotion is out right now.

About the song’s video, Parks adds:

“The music video for ‘Devotion’ had to feel sweaty and nostalgic and loose. The surreal bluish hue, the sense of feral joy in the performance, the blur and the band – I wanted to pay homage to 90s rock music and the notion of loving so hard it almost destroys you.”

“Devotion” follows the previous releases of ‘Weightless‘, ‘Impurities‘, ‘Blades‘ and ‘Pegasus‘. All these tracks will be featured on the forthcoming album “My Soft Machine,” which is set to be released this Friday (May 26) via Transgressive Records. You can pre-order the album here

Arlo Parks will be on tour in Europe in September, with a show at Ancienne Belgique scheduled for September 15. Tickets for the show are available on the venue website.

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