Daytime TV releases a video for “little victories”

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Daytime TV releases today the deluxe version of his first album ‘Nothing’s On But Everyone’s Watching‘. This new edition includes alternative versions of three fan favourites: ‘little victories’, ‘ugly’ and ‘learning to walk’.

About the new version of Little Victories’, Will Irvine from the band said:

“The ‘Little Victories’ are the small things you can take away and keep for yourself when everything seems to be crumbling to the ground around you. The song is about getting to really know someone in a relationship that started great but ultimately ended up going terribly. It’s about self preservation and holding your head high when things don’t work out. Sometimes you meet someone and they turn out to not be quite who you thought they were. That can really sting but you’ve got to dust yourself off. 

This version of the track lays the lyrics bare with a massively stripped back set up and an amazing string section that we were lucky enough to work with. We wanted to give our fanbase something completely different with this and push our boundaries. The string section brings an almost cinematic element which is something that we’ve always loved. Recording it at RAK Studios with producer Fred Abbott was a dream come true for us.”

The band also released a video for the original version of “little victories” which you can find below.

You can listen to the deluxe version of ‘Nothing’s On But Everyone’s Watchinghere

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