Haru Nemuri releases a new song, ‘Wrecked’.

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Haru Nemuri has just released a new track titled, ‘Wrecked’, marking her first solo release of the year. In the spring, the singer collaborated with Jaguar Jonze on two tracks entitled ‘ANGRY ANGRY’ and ‘Don’t Call Me Queen’. On Twitter, Nemuri has commented on the release of this new single :

“Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act was adopted in Japan on June 9th, 2023. I was angry my country strengthened the system that can defy the human rights of the people not having Japanese nation and ignore the possibility they would die, and feeling my powerlessness as a citizen very much. So wrote this song to protest this situation on that day. All we are human beings, that is, livings just born and just die.

I really hope that we can destroy all the systems to give any worth to a life by their attributes ASAP.”

Listen to this new track below:

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