The 10 bands to not miss at Pukkelpop 2022

Pukkelpop Logo 2022
Pukkelpop Logo 2022

This long season of festivals is almost over. But there’re still a few great festivals to attend! Starting with the biggest from August: the Pukkelpop from 18 to 21st August in Kiewit! Here are 10 bands you should put in your timetable for the weekend!

BRING ME THE HORIZON (Sunday – Main Stage – 18h50)
Not headliner at Graspop yet but at least, they have a great spot at Pukkelpop. The British band becomes more huge after every albums/EP/singles they released. Their sick show at Lyon early July proved us once again they deserve to get the higher spots on festivals. With all the featurings they’ve made the last few years, we hope to see some of them live: Nova Twins and Sigrid are playing on the same day. Fingers crossed Oli Sykes will appear on stage to sing Bad Life with Sigrid during her show and then see Nova Twins appear later on stage to play 1×1 with BMTH.
Songs to listen to: DiE4u, Kingslayer, Mantra, Can You Feel My Heart.

FRANK CARTER AND THE RATTLESNAKES (Saturday – Backyard – 00h10)
How can we make a list and not including this crazy boy if he’s at the festival? We could have miss it. But his show at Jera On Air was so crazy that we have to remind you to see them! If you still have some energy, as he’s headlining the Backyard at midnight, give everything you’ve left. Be ready to see Frank going everywhere in the tent, jumping, etc.
Songs to listen: I Hate You, Lullaby, Go Get A Tattoo, Devil Inside Me.

HO9909 (Sunday – Backyard – 21h50)
Right before the last headliner of the weekend, Arctic Monkeys, head one more time to the Backyard for this strange punk-rap-hardcore-industrial-whatever band from the New Jersey. If you like Ghostemane or Scarxlrd per example, you gonna love this show too!
Songs to listen to: Bite My Face, Lights Out, Knuckle Put, War Is Hell.

MILO MESKENS (Sunday – Main Stage – 12h40)
Let be honest. We discovered him when the Pukkelpop released the timetable and when we had a look on it to see which new acts we were going to see. Only one song listened on Spotify and we knew we’re going to see him (spoiler alert: while some others will go to see Slow Crush at the same time)! Good thing: he’s from Belgium too. His delicate voice and delicious indie-pop will make us start the day slowly but surely.
Songs to listen to: Here With Me, New Beginning, When I Feel This Way, Useless Memories.

MOMENTS (Friday – Backyard – 13h20)
It’s been a few years since the Marquee with many heavy acts isn’t existing anymore at Pukkelpop but there’re a few great acts in the punk/hardcore/metalcore to catch this year, especially at the Backyard: While She Sleeps, Wargasm and also some great Belgian acts like Moments which is actually best melodic hardcore band Belgium has to offer. Added in last-minute, they’re the best way to start your day if you’re coming at Pukkelpop especially for SlipKnot.
Songs to listen to: Our Dreams, A Word Ablaze, The Void and Black Widow.

NOVA TWINS (Sunday – Backyard – 16h25)
An OVNI. This is how we could call them. Discovered by many thanks to Bring Me The Horizon (on tour and then on studio for their latest EP), they’re almost everywhere! Opening for Yungblud in Brussels, then playing at Slam Dunk in London before having a great spot at Pukkelpop this Summer before heading back on their first headline tour next Fall with a show – already soldout – at Trix Café. Don’t miss them
Songs to listen to: Antagonist, Puzzles, Cleopatra and Taxi.

SLIPKNOT (Friday – Main Stage – 22h30)
Until we saw them being announced as headliner for the Pukkelpop, we didn’t think about it seriously. But the 9 crazy guys from Iowa are really coming to Kiewit and we can’t wait to see them again and to see how the public will react! Especially because there’re not lot of heavy bands that day.
Songs to listen to: Before I Forget, Duality, Unsainted and Nero Forte.

SLOW CRUSH (Sunday – Club – 12h40)
With so many acts and so many stages, it would be a shame if the Pukkelpop didn’t give to the Belgian scene the spot they deserved. Fortunately, there are a lot. From opening acts like Fleddy Melculy or Moments to headliners like Oscar And The Wolf or Charlotte De Witte. In this list, we can add Slow Crush, the shoegaze band from the North of the country which is killing it right now. Soldout release shows around the country, tour in Europe and in the US. Don’t miss this lovely way to start your last day at Pukkelpop.
Songs to listen to: Glow, Smoon, Aurora, Drift.

VUKOVI (Saturday – Backyard – 13h20)
Another act we’ve discovered thanks to Bring Me The Horizon. It was in London 3 years ago. Looking for a rock/pop-punk band not like the other? Here’s your chance! They’ll release a brand new album, already the third one, “Nula” in October so we should have some new stuff live on Saturday.
Songs to listen to: Slo, La Di Va, I Exist, Colour Me In.

This list is based – a little bit – on our very own tastes. We think you shouldn’t miss these 10 bands but if you’re not in heavy music at all, you can skip half of them. So let us know in the comments which bands you gonna see at Pukkelpop 2022 this weekend!

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