The 15 shows to not miss in Belgium in May 2023!

There are plenty of shows happening everywhere this Spring. From great pop shows at the Ancienne Belgique to some metal shows at Trix, including everything possible in between. So to help you make your choices and build your agenda, we took here 15 shows we think you shouldn’t miss. Obviously, we gonna be at these 10 shows!

MAISIE PETERS – Trix – 2 May

Calling all fans of indie pop! Get ready to be enchanted by the mesmerizing Maisie Peters as she graces the stage in Belgium early May! With her angelic vocals, heartfelt lyrics and captivating stage presence, Maisie Peters is a rising star in the music industry. Her soul-stirring performances and relatable songwriting will transport you to a world of pure emotion. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness her talent and charm live in Belgium!

Songs to listen to: Worst Of You, Blonde, Favorite Ex, Not Another Rockstar…

AVRIL LAVIGNE – Forest National – 4 May

Do we really need to introduce her? The pop-punk queen is back, stronger than ever, in this pop-punk revival! Postponed a couple of times due to the Covid pandemic, her tour can finally stop in Belgium for a unique show in Brussels on May 4th… May The Force Be With You, right?! Not only we’ll enjoy all her classics but also tunes from her newest great album called “Love Sux”.

Songs to listen to: Girlfriend, Skaterboy, Complicated, I’m With You…

K.ZIA – Het Depot – 9 May

Listening to K.ZIA’s album Genesis feels like taking a warm, reassuring bath. Her melodious voice is just what you want to hear on a Tuesday evening in early May. Her culturally and musically hybrid songs feature politically engaged lyrics in both French and English. Some empowering music to revel in at The Depot in Leuven this May.

Songs you should listen to: Sanctuary, I Got Your Back, Scorpio, and her new single Love Is.

BORIS – Trix – 10 May

The japanese band Boris has been at the forefront of experimental and innovative music for three decades, with their unique blend of noise, sludge, drone, minimalism, punk, and psychedelia. Their genre-defining albums such as “Pink,” “Amplifier Worship,” “Noise,” and “Heavy Rocks” are a testament to their heavy and forward-thinking sound.

Songs you should listen to: Farewell, The Sinking Belle, Absolutego

SAM SMITH – SportPaleis – 12 May

After 3 years of little new music coming out, Sam Smith is finally back! The single “Unholy” already revealed an edgy and thrilling take of Smith’s dazzling vocals. Now they’ve released their fourth studio album “Gloria”, a blend of raw, honest lyrics and modern pop vibes, and they’re coming to Belgium to celebrate it. There are still some tickets left to see the vibrant British superstar’s talent IRL, so be quick!

Songs you should listen to: Unholy, I’m Not Here To Make Friends, Pray.

SABATON – SportPaleis – 13 May

Brace yourselves for an epic night of power metal as Sabaton takes the stage next month! With their triumphant anthems, electrifying performances, and massive global success, Sabaton is a force to be reckoned with. Led by the charismatic and commanding Joakim Brodén on vocals, the live show from the Swedish act is a high-octane experience that will leave you craving for more. To make this evening even better, they bring 2 sick opening acts with Lordi and BabyMetal. If you can wait until Graspop for a huge metal party, May 13th at SportPaleis will be the perfect non-official pre-party!

Songs to listen to: Primo Victoria, The Hell And Back, The Last Stand, Stormtroopers…

POLYPHIA – Trix – 15 May

This progressive rock band from the suburbs of Plano, Texas, are anything but mellow. If you come to see them at Trix on 15/5, you’ll hear a distinctly sharpened and well-orchestrated sound, with guitar grooves mingling with blazing beats. Polyphia has released four full length albums, “Muse”, “Renaissance”, “New Levels New Devils” and “Remember That You Will Die”. They are soon to be deemed unmissable within the progressive rock scene. A night that promises intensity!

Songs you should listen to: ABC (feat. Sophia Black), G.O.A.T, Ego Death (feat. Steve Vai).

OTOBOKE BEAVER – Ancienne Belgique – 16 May

Otoboke beaver describe themselves as: “Japanese girls ‘knock out or pound cake’ band”. The post-garage-punk band formed in the summer of 2009 in Kyoto, Japan, and consist of mad and extravagant members Accorinrin (lead Vocal & Guitar), Yoyoyoshie (Guitar &Vocals), Hiro-chan (Bass &Vocals), Kahokiss (Drums &Vocals). Live, the band invade the audience with their playful yet hardcore sounds.

Songs you should listen to: Chu Chu Song, YAKITORI, Don’t Light My Fire.

ENUMCLAW – Botanique – 16 May

Enumclaw’s debut album “Save the Baby” showcases a sun-drenched and optimistic sound despite the fact that the band members only learned to play their instruments three years ago. Despite their admiration for Drake, Nirvana, and 90s R&B, Oasis inspires them the most as they aim to become the next big thing in music, following in the footsteps of the Gallaghers.

THE OFFSPRING – Forest National – 19 May

After a hot show at Graspop Metal Meeting in 2022, legendary band The Offspring confirmed their international tour Let The Bad Times Roll, and will stop at Forest National on 19 May. Founded more than thirty years ago, The Offspring are part of the essential groups that gave new meaning to the international punk rock scene. They’ll be back to perform their hits with the unstoppable energy they’ve never lost.

Songs you should listen to: Gotta Get Away, Self Esteem, The Kids Aren’t Alright.

BLONDSHELL – Botanique – 20 May

Growing up in a chaotic family in New York City in the early 2000s, Sabrina Teitelbaum found solace in music, developing a love for legends such as Patti Smith, Joy Division, The Velvet Underground, Elliott Smith, and Hole. She now translates that love into her own music as Blondshell, daring to confront her own reflection with her unique blend of grunge pop. Through her music, she fearlessly examines her own wounds and carefully cleanses and stitches them up.

Songs you should listen to: Olympus, Kiss City, Veronica Mars

KATE DAVIS – Botanique – 21 May

Sometimes, we have to listen to the inner voice that urges us to break from the norm, even if we’ve planned our lives meticulously. For Kate Davis, this meant veering off the expected path to take creative control of her career. It was a drastic move: she started from scratch, boldly choosing experimental art-rock.

Songs you should listen to: Daisy, My Baby Just Cares for Me, rbbts

LAGWAGON – Trix – 22 May

One of the most essential 90s punk bands of this era is touring and will be back at Trix after 7 (!) years for a powerful live show. Be ready for the nostalgic feelings listening to the best tracks of their hit albums “Hoss” (1995) and “Resolve” (2005). They’ll also play their more recent tracks from their 2019 release “Railer”. Make sure you’re there to summon the memories of your troubled teens 😉

Songs you should listen to: Sleep, E Dagger, May 16, Infectious.

ASCENDANT VIERGE – Ancienne Belgique – 24 May

Brussels-based dance music duo ascendant vierge, formed by Mathilde Fernandez and Paul Seul will be playing a sold out show at Ancienne Belgique this May. While Paul Seul is the co-founder of the Casual Gabberz collective, Mathilde is known for her beautiful voice (you’ll hear proof of this in her solo vocals in “Influenceur”). They’ve just released a new single “À L’Infini”, a track worthy of a rhythmic boxing session which will certainly sound even better live. Hope you’ll get to see their astrology-inspired eccentricity on stage, while jumping on their French pop-meets-hardstyle beats!

Songs you should listen to: Influenceur, Faire Et Refaire, À L’Infini.

MAGGIE LINDEMANN – La Madeleine – 31 May

Get ready to be captivated by her powerful vocals, infectious pop-infused tunes and soulful performances. From her chart-topping hits to her raw and authentic stage presence, Maggie Lindemann‘s show is an opportunity to witness an artist on the rise, delivering a captivating show that will leave you inspired and energized. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience – mark your calendars – and get ready to groove with Maggie Lindemann for her debut show in Belgium!

This list represents only a part of the massive calendar from May and also based – a little bit – on our own musical tastes. Drop a comment on our Facebook or Instagram about the show you wanna see in May – from this list or not!

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