UPSAHL has released the entirety of her project, UPSAHL PRESENTS: THE PXT TAPES

UPSAHL project The PHX Tapes
Press Picture – Copyright : Aubree Estrella

UPSAHL has just unveiled the two latest tracks from her project, THE PXT TAPES: “No Hands” and “SLAYYYYY”. The complete project, now entitled UPSAHL PRESENTS: THE PXT TAPES, comprises eight songs released in pairs on 28 April, 9 June, and 18 August. About her song “SLAYYYYY” she sayd :

“SLAYYYYY. This song feels like the result of all the music I’ve made this year. The goal of THE PHX TAPES was to not give a fuck about genre and to just have fun in the studio, which we clearly did with this song lol. Wrote it with legends @pinkslip and @cleotighe_ and then the baddiest of baddies @laybankz ATE on the second verse. This song? Slay.”

UPSAHL will soon be touring Europe in support of Melanie Martinez. The tour takes in Brussels at Forest National on 19 November. Tickets for this show are still available on the venue’s website.

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