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The Ghost Inside: more alive than ever

So many times we find some boring motivational quotes or videos from live coach who just want your money but don’t learn you anything. While you can find inspiration and motivation in 3 words: The Ghost Inside. Rising from the ashes, they’ve never been so far from a ghost and so close from a phoenix. From a human perspective, they’re an example. From a musical perspective, it was obvious before and it even makes more sense more.

About 2 years and a half, that’s the time we’ve been waiting for. It’s long, very long. But in the context, no so much. After their tragic accident in November 2015, who thought we’d have the chance to see The Ghost Inside again with the same line-up, with so much energy and in such a big venue? No one. Except these 5 crazy guys.

Their show in London with 4500 fans was not the first one we saw on this short European tour. We had the chance to see them and meet them during their insane show at Elysee Montmartre in Paris with Landmvrks and Deez Nuts. About pure emotion, the Parisian show is obviously better for us. But looking at the big page, this British show was pure magic. Let explain why!

Imagine being in a venue with 4499 people around you waiting the same band. A band you all love. A band you thought you lost forever on 19 November 2015. A band that inspires us and reminds you in the hardest way possible to never take anything for granted. And feel this in a historical venue that means so much for you. All together gave you one of the most emotionnal shows of your life. In Paris, there were only 1000 people in a 1400p venue: what a shame. Not in London. Not in the UK. Here, The Ghost Inside got the show they deserved.

After a show with a horrible sound for the opening acts of the night (Our Hollow Our Home and Dragged Under), we were fortunately not really scared for the upcoming show as we know the sound-guy of TGI and he killed it everytime. And he did it again!

Biggest venue means more effects. The show in Paris seems cheap in terms of production now compared of London. Big LED screen, many pyros, confettis and a sick light show. We got everything possible. From the first note of Avalanche to the last one of Aftermath, it was pure fire, a real osmose between all the people at the Brixton Academy that night.

Like Paris, we got a phenomenal set-list of 18 songs including all their best hits. We were just sad they didn’t play Destined! Beside that, all songs sound like it was their best song, the ambiance was incredible. But some songs have still managed to do better than the average: Dear Youth, Dark Horse, Unspoken, Engine 45 and, of course, Aftermath. Fun fact about Unspoken which Virgil claims he didn’t want to play this song anymore but his teammates forced him to do it. Fortunately! And, honestly, we can thank them such as he can because he really gave us the feeling he loved to sing it! It’s also at this moment of the show that Virgil asked to get as many crowdsurfers as possible and that he will give to everyone something: set-list, mediator, drumstick, high-five. Anything but something. Hard to say how many crowdsurfers arrived in 3 minutes but it was a lot! Engine 45 has always been special live, even before their accident. Ending a show with this powerful song and the sing-along has always been magical. The most magical moment of the night. But not tonight. Not after what they’ve been through. This privilege is now in the hands of Aftermath, the first single they’ve released to announce their comeback. The song is powerful and intense as fuck in studio. So is it in live! We couldn’t expect a better way to end this show.

Veni Vidi Vici. The Ghost Inside came, conquered the city and sent the message: “We Are Back”. The strongest comeback we could expect! If you missed it, put Germany and the Impericon Festivals 2023 in your agenda!

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