Primordial unleashed a lyrics video for their new single: Pilgrimage to the World’s End

Primordial Pilgrimage to the World's End
Press Picture / Copyright : Fergal Flannery

Irish pagan black metal band Primordial has just revealed their second single, Pilgrimage To The World’s End, from their upcoming album ‘How It Ends,’ set to be released on September 29, 2023, via Metal Blade Records. This new track follows last month’s Victory Has 1000 Fathers, Defeat Is an Orphan.

About the new single, vocalist A.A. Nemtheanga said :

“Pilgrimage To The World’s End, was inspired partly by the stories of poor Irish convicts, sent to the world’s end; figures like Ned Kelly who refused to accept the laws oppressing them and who then rebelled and came to embody, through myth, resistance. This is an album of resistance. Pilgrimage To The World’s End’ started out being inspired by the travails of Irish people sent as convicts to Australia, but of course I folded that into a post Coffin Ships narrative, poor people boarding boats to try and reach a new world to start over anew, how many went down the boats, endured sickness, death, never reached their destination. Then I began to really consider nthe plight of all people within that 19th century period who by famine, war, poverty tried to seek a new life; the oppressed and the downtrodden. So as Primordial always has a historical echo that should resonate with the modern day, we see the same thing, poor people clinging to boats trying to seek a new life, always at the behest of a small economic elite who profit from their ruin. This is the song of the war and famine torn refugee from all countries and nations…”

 Primordial will embark on a European tour next autumn as part of the Ultima Ratio Fest. The tour starts on October 4th at the Trix in Antwerp, and tickets are available for purchase here.

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